About Me – Who’s Behind BestFountainPen.com?

Hi, I’m Jennifer, the gal behind Best Fountain Pen.

This website is full of reviews and tips to help people find the perfect pen and learn to use it.

I’m a fountain pen enthusiast, and I enjoy learning about new fountain pens and sharing my reviews as I try them.

Why Write About Fountain Pens?

Well, about me, the reason you’re reading this page… I’m a writer. Or at least I pretend to be one online.

When I was in journalism school dreaming of being the next Katharine Graham, I took copious notes. I mean they distracted people with the furious scratching of my pen against the paper.

I didn’t know about fountain pens back then, I wish I would’ve, I could’ve prevented the hand cramps.

While in my last year of college, I worked three part-time jobs to help offset my mounting student loan debt, including an internship with a magazine publisher.

They offered me a full-time position to start upon graduation and when I saw the pay, it dawned on me that a writer’s starting salary barely covered a Bic Crystal, much less an average fountain pen, so I went to work in corporate America instead.

In the age of computers with faxes popping up as PDFs in your inbox, I enjoy and appreciate handwritten correspondence more than ever.

Fear and Loathing The Pen Store

Before my first fountain pen, my perception of people that enjoyed them was pretty limited. I pictured an unapproachable guy wearing a corduroy jacket with elbow patches using a $400 fountain pen to capture his profoundly gifted thoughts.

I have no problem with guys like this now, they can be entertaining conversationalists, but it used to be intimidating, so was the prospect of shopping for one in a fancy pen store.

It’s funny, the thought of going inside a pen store (or even finding a local one) and discussing fountain pens was laughable. It’s not like I had aspirations to collect them or anything, so I felt like they’d treat me as if I were wasting their time with my small-potatoes budget and lack of knowledge.

Style Matters, Quality Counts, The Search For The Best Fountain Pen Continues…

Now that I reread my thoughts, maybe I should get some counseling to work on self-esteem issues.

Well, that was years ago. I didn’t know anyone who used them and didn’t have a good resource to find out more.  I hope to have corrected that for you with BestFountainPen.com, and now that they’re available online, it’s much faster and less intimidating to buy a fountain pen!

If you are a collector, you may find the how-to articles I’ve shared on the site a little basic, but it’s the new to semi-experienced fountain pen user that this site is aimed at.

Having said that, there are many collectors and deeply experienced users who have said they enjoy the how-to refreshers and look forward to a weekly dose of BestFountainPen.com in their inbox.

I closed the gap between functional pen and fine writing experience when I picked up my first fountain pen. I hope to help you discover pens at every price point so you can save time and money choosing the best fountain pen for you.

There comes a point in everyone’s life where style matters. Quality speaks to you more than it used to. That time is now, it’s why you’re reading.

This site is regularly updated for you so the best way to get the most out of it is to follow it over time by signing up for the weekly newsletter below. I hope you join me on my journey through fountain pens!

Please contact me with any site feedback you have, I love hearing from you! Good, Bad or Broken Links, let me know what you think.

P.S. – My fascination and love for the art of writing continues and a fountain pen is the only way to go for journaling and letter writing. (Yes, some of us in the computer age still handwrite letters. Do you?)