Top 5 Best Fountain Pens 100-200 Comparison Chart


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Nib Type

Parker Sonnet Medium 18K Gold
Pilot Vanishing Point Medium 18K Gold
Sailor 1911S Medium 14K Gold
Waterman Charleston Medium 18K
Sheaffer Taranis Medium Steel

You’re ready to spend real money on a fountain pen but not quite sure which one will fit the bill? Check out my Top 5 best fountain pens 100-200 for advice!

This top 5 best fountain pens 100-200 comparison chart allows you to compare my fountain pen recommendations from different manufacturers. I have ranked them in the order they most appeal to me overall after reviewing them. You can see a detailed review by clicking on the model name. Prices are averages on the day I compiled this chart; however, you can see live prices by simply clicking on “Live Price”.

* – Width is my personal rough categorization on whether the body of the pen is thin (#2 pencil), medium (average gel pen), or wide (almost the width of two pencils side-by-side).


1. You’ll need to buy ink cartridges or a converter and bottle of ink (see a list of them here)

2. If choosing between steel or gold nibs, gold is more durable and just FEELS better (see gold versus steel here)

3. Important: Long cartridges have a higher ink capacity than most converters or short cartridges which will reduce the time and money spent replacing and refilling them.

4. You can syringe refill cartridges with bottled ink for more ink color choices (see how here)

5. Bonus: Look for fountain pens that ship with free converters. If they don’t, be sure to buy one made by that manufacturer for that pen so you can use bottled ink.

**I will keep this page updated as I review more fountain pens and will change any preferences in my best fountain pens 100-200 if I review a pen that becomes a new favorite. 

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