Top 5 Chart Best Fountain Pens 300-400


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Nib Type

Parker Premier Medium 18K Gold
Sheaffer Legacy Extra Wide 18K Gold Inlaid
3. OMAS Certified Medium-Thick Titanium
Waterman Exception Medium 18K Gold
Montblanc Starwalker Medium 14K Gold

Top 5 best fountain pens under 400 comparison chart allows you to compare my fountain pen recommendations from different manufacturers. I have ranked them in the order they most appeal to me overall after reviewing them. You can see a detailed review by clicking on the model name.

* – Width is my personal rough categorization on whether the body of the pen is thin (#2 pencil), medium (average gel pen), or wide (wider than an average gel pen).


1. You’ll need to buy a bottle of ink, since you’re shopping at this price you may already have one, but here’s a list of inks to give you more options

2. At this price you’re moving into almost exclusively pricey nibs made of gold more more precious materials. Good for you, once you’ve gone gold or titanium, it’s HARD to go back to a steel nib.

3. Important: You’ll start seeing piston-fill pens at the high end of this price point. All that means is that the converter that would normally attach to the section is integrated into the body of the pen in a piston-fill fountain pens. This makes them harder to clean because there’s more surface area to rinse out, but it also means you can hold BOAT LOADS of ink. None of my Top 5 Favorites under 400 below are piston-fills, but you’ll find them starting around $400.

**I will keep this page updated as I review more fountain pens and will change any preferences in my best fountain pens under 400 if I review a pen that becomes a new favorite.