Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Review

The Lamy Safari fountain pen is a simple, low-priced pen but is it really worth all of the hype? You’ve read opinions, but how do they perform? Let’s find out…

lamy safari red fountain pen
  • Low Price
  • High Ink Capacity
  • Ink Window
  • Many Color Choices


  • Extra-Wide Clip
  • Looks Cheaper Than It Is
  • Plain Nib Styling
  • Wet Writer

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Design – Bright Red Fountain Pen – It Comes In Other Colors Too!

lamy safari red fountain pen

Unique to the Lamy is the triangular grip that involves two indented parts of the pen body that form the rest for your forefinger and thumb.

There is an ink window so you can see when the ink begins to run low in the cartridge. (The cartridges are much larger than other brands, so you’ll get to write more with each cartridge.) It comes standard with an extra-wide, u-shaped clip that extends almost the length of the cap.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Branding

lamy safari red fountain pen

The only place the Lamy Safari fountain pen is branded (aside from the distinctive u-shaped clip) is with large engraved letters on the end of the pen body. Oddly, the placement of the lettering means when the cap is posted for use, you no longer see the brand. There is a black plastic insert inside of the cap that penetrates through the outside of the cap and is finished with an indented Philips-head X on the top.

Cap Fit

lamy safari red fountain pen
lamy safari red fountain pen

The cap on the Lamy Safari fountain pen fits extremely well.

After weeks of writing with it, the cap never once wiggled off. It stays posted when you write and closes with a satisfying snap of the plastic on the rubber o-ring when you cap it.


This fountain pen is a strong writer. The pen is well-balanced, light weight, and the nib glides across paper well. There was no scratchiness in this pen for me. I had no issues with starting and  stopping nor any ink-starvation, even when I wrote extremely fast.

The only drawback is that the medium nib is a bit of a wet writer. It lays down a thick-ish, wet line of ink. Using the stock blue Lamy ink cartridge that came with the pen, there is some character to your writing. The ink is wet, so the down-strokes show up darker than upstrokes and horizontal lines.

lamy safari ink test

This gives your writing some character, which I like, but be forewarned that this is not a pen you want to rest for a half-second on your last word while your hand catches up with your thoughts. It will blob ink on your last word quickly.

That said, the Lamy Safari fountain pen performed consistently well on course-fibered paper in my journal too. Because it’s a wet-writer, it handled the grain in the paper quite well, just gliding right over the fibers and leaving a nice ink line without any skipping.

lamy safari bleed through


The Lamy Safari fountain pen is easy to get apart, clean and refill. Although with its generous cartridge size, you won’t need to refill it nearly as often as many other brands.

The nib and feed are molded into the bottom of the pen as are most brands. The threads that connect the upper part of the body to the lower are molded on the lower which makes the nib section quite long and hard to see into if anything gets stuck or ink dries out, it would be hard to see to clean it out. But quickly flushing it with water is a cinch.

Overall Value

The Lamy Safari fountain pen is an excellent value at an MSRP of $35, but you can find them for less (my link below is considerably less at the time of this writing). It’s a great starter pen for beginners.  Disclosure: If you own a few $40+ fountain pens, you will probably not be impressed by the ABS plastic body, but it performs well!

Now let’s get down to brass tacks. The design is rather basic and it has a “form follows function” feel, but if you like simplicity and aren’t looking for a conversation starter, then the Lamy Safari is for you.  I think that’s what makes this fountain pen a great value, it’s unassuming, simple design and low price point.

My 72-year-old mother-in-law just saw mine in the cup holder of my car and used it.  She was extremely fond of it because it brought back all of her memories of learning to write with fountain pens in grammar school.lamy safari versus cross cartridges

She described the cut out in each child’s desk for an individual ink well when fountain pens would only write a few words before you needed to re-dip the pen. It was really fun to have this fountain pen bring back those kinds of memories, except she was so fond of the fact that it had a cartridge!

If you’re looking for a beginner fountain pen, pick one up today, you won’t regret it.

P.S. – I forgot about the Safari in my cup holder for two days in extremely hot, sunny California weather and not only did it NOT dry up, it also started right up without any skipping. That’s pretty impressive.

Price: Get a price on the Lamy Safari at Amazon.