Montegrappa Miya Fountain Pen Review

Is the Montegrappa Miya worth the $275+ price tag? Let’s take a look at this beautiful turquoise fountain pen and review the pros and cons for your hard earned dough.

Montegrappa Miya Fountain Pen
  • BEAUTIFUL celluloid finish
  • Greek Key laser-cut cap band
  • Thick teardrop shaped body
  • Fine nib pulls on the upstroke occasionally

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Montegrappa Miya Fountain Pen Design

The Montegrappa Miya fountain pen is made of a stunning turquoise blue celluloid that has depth. When you look at the finish, you can see each variant of color baked into one another and looks like you’re looking into the pen rather than at it.

The pen clip is stiff, but workable and has a rollerball at the end of it to make it pull on and off of material faster and more smoothly. With the stiffness of the clip, it’s unlikely you’ll pocket it anytime soon.

The Greek key cutout around the extra wide cap band is attractive. It’s cutout so you can see the gorgeous celluloid beneath the cutout, through it. Awesome idea.

Uncap it and this is when you start to think it may be marketed to women. The nib itself has a nice Greek key design around the perimeter of the nib, following the outside lines of the nib. The tines are topped by a heart-shaped vent hole (first one I’ve seen!) so it makes me wonder if women are the target market.

Montegrappa Miya Fountain PenThe fountain pen I’m reviewing has a single-tone nib, unlike what I see on the Miyas on Amazon, a two-toned nib.

The nibs on the Miya all appear to have the heart shaped vent hole and the one I’m reviewing is stamped Montegrappa and Italy and F for fine, but is not stamped with a hallmark of the metal purity, leaving me to wonder if the nib I’m using is stainless and not gold. Maybe it’s a replacement nib or maybe it’s an older version of the Miya… I’m not sure. (This pen was loaned to me to review by very gracious Kenro pens without a box or any information.) The nib is complemented by an ebonite feed.

The metal work is all sterling silver plated and the cap band is stamped with a hallmark to note that, but not the nib.

There is also a pretty circular cap medallion that says 1912 surrounded by what appears to be a laurel wreath to celebrate the year Montegrappa was founded.

Montegrappa Miya Fountain Pen

Top to Bottom: Miya, NeroUno, Fortuna

Montegrappa Miya Fountain Pen Performance

Montegrappa Miya Fountain Pen Writing Sample

The Miya is one beautiful pen. But how does it write?

Well, the fine nib writes like a fine nib in terms of line width, but it doesn’t write as smoothly as I’d expect it to. This is an expensive pen. I’d expect perfection and there is some drag on the upstroke.

When you pull the pen up for the next letter, occasionally there’s some resistance to lay down the ink as  you progress to the next letter. I’ve noticed this happens more in fine nibs than mediums, depending on manufacturers, but it’s noticeable and I’d be disappointed if I’d paid $300 for this pen and had this issue.

I washed out the nib twice, dried and reassembled it, reinked the converter and had the same issue. I’m starting to wonder more if this is a replacement nib and not the original. Or maybe it’s an older version of the original and needs to be adjusted.

Either way, I told you in my page on how I write reviews I’d review them “out of the box” or what I get directly from the manufacturer without toying with the nibs myself because you may not want to adjust nibs yourself. So this is what I got… skips occasionally on the upstroke and pulls/drags occasionally on the upstroke.

On all types of paper.

I tried this on notebook paper, in two of my journals, backs of envelopes, hell… I’m even trying it now on some old dot matrix that someone sent me something on while eating a spoonful of my husband’s homemade (from scratch) lemon frosting and it’s pulling on the upstroke and skipping the same way after sitting capped overnight.

Montegrappa Miya Celluloid Fountain Pen Weight

Montegrappa Miya Fountain PenDisappointing.

As I said earlier, I’m not 100% convinced this is an OEM (original equipment from the manufacturer) nib to begin with and the performance makes me think I might be right. It might be the correct nib, it is stamped Montegrappa and has the heart shaped vent hole, but it doesn’t write like I’d expect and isn’t two-toned like the new Miyas on the market now. At least if it is correct, it needs a nib adjustment badly which I’m not going to attempt on a $300 pen that doesn’t belong to me.

All I can review is the pen sent to me folks. This one doesn’t live up to it’s name or its price tag… however beautiful the celluloid is. I would LOVE to try this pen again with a replacement nib and see how it writes.

Overall Value

Montegrappa Miya Fountain Pen

Well, if you read the performance section above you wouldn’t be surprised that I’m not going to recommend this particular Montegrappa Miya fountain pen for purchase… however I’m not 100% certain it’s representative of all Miyas as the nib doesn’t match what I see in photos of the fountain pens currently available.

This is a $275 fountain pen, as such I’d want it to write like a dream. In fact, at this price, I’d want to dream about this pen… or have it write without me. It should take notes shorthand and deliver flawless grammar to my journals while I watch it from afar. Well, it’s FAR from that in this nib. BUT, with a new nib, you’d get a new fountain pen and the experience would be light years away from this.

Thankfully the NeroUno fountain pen is up for review soon. I’ve already started using it and this is one perfect writer. You’ll pay for it too, but wow. THAT’S what an expensive fountain pen should feel like. Check out the NeroUno specifically or some others from my page on  Montegrappa Fountain Pens.

Or you can check out a photo of brand new Montegrappa Miya with a real two-toned nib, which may write better than the one I’m reviewing with a different nib.