Nemosine Fission Review

Who else wants a beautiful, cheap and easy-to-use fountain pen? Well, let’s journey together through the Nemosine Fission… you’ll be delighted you did.

Well, if you’re a man.

This is a large pen, and judging by most of the email I get from women, I don’t have many in my corner who also love large pens. So if bigger isn’t better for you, you can read about the Neutrino instead.

  • Affordable
  • Large Size
  • Beautiful Finish
  • Smooth as Glass
  • Metal Bodied

  • Extremely Cap Heavy When Posted

My Short Nemosine Fission Video:

Nemosine Fission Design


Steel Nib

Nib Width: 6mm

Nib Length: 22mm

Cartridge/Converter Fill

Screw Cap


Posted: 172mm

Uncapped: 125mm

Mid-Grip Width: 8mm

Cap Band Width: 11mm

Total Weight: 46g

Cap Weight: 16g

At first glance the gunmetal finish holds your eye a little longer than it should, but then it won’t let your eyes slide away as they linger on the cap bands, then the massive threading for posting the cap.

Like a pinball, your eyes bounce to the clip on the other side of the pen… a rather plain, no, understated clip.

Just looking at it, you get the feeling this pen chose you, not the other way around.

The Nemosine Fission returns your flattering attention when take it in your hand. Heavier than normal, but a heft appropriate for it’s oversized, yet understated body. So, you uncap it. Reveal that incredible, large nib. Is it a bit too large? A bit too bold? That’s a matter of interpretation. As far as the Fission is concerned, you can set it down anytime… but you won’t.

The gunmetal finish is complemented well by the silver-toned accessories, from the clip, cap rings to the steel nib itself. Understated elegance… for a dirty thirty (bucks… what were you thinking?)

You can go cartridge or converter in this bad boy. I filled my converter with a luscious chocolate colored ink and went to town. Literally, but also figuratively on paper…

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

Seriously, this looker cannot possibly live up to its reputation – okay, the reputation I just gave it – when you use the thing.

Oh, but wait, it does.

There is just nothing bad to say about this baby.

That tension… yearning… desire. Yep. That’s the Nemosine Fission on paper too. Of the three Nemosine fountain pens I’ve used, this is the smoothest.


Johnny Mathis on Grandpa’s radio. Melt-in-your-mouth-not-in-your-hand-Marvin-Gaye.

I was SHOCKED at how smooth this is on ALL types of paper. There are nibs that just make you want to cry a little and to find one so smooth, SO CHEAP is just amazing.

There are no burrs, no catches, no hard starts, no skips, not fuss. Just a masterpiece of craftsmanship delivering ink to page.

You know after reviewing more than 100 fountain pens, you get jaded. You find it hard to believe cheap fountain pens could have a chance at rivaling the smoothness of pens twice and three times their cost, but this one does.

The Nemosine Fission makes it all look easy, delivering ink flawlessly, smoothly, a jewel in Nemosine’s crown.

Yes, the nib does not flex because it’s steel. There’s not the same “softness” you get from a more pliable solid gold nib, but this stunner is every bit as smooth. You feel like the iridium tips are one with the page… it elevates writing to an art form.

You know the famous line, “You can’t put Baby in a corner” from Dirty Dancing? Well, you can’t put the Nemosine Fission back in a box. You just can’t.

This is one motivating pen I’m passionate about… but it does have one demon…


Smooth nib, so what’s the catch?

If you’ve read more than one of my reviews you probably know I’m a poster. Yep. I post the cap on the back of the pen and that’s how I like to write. It annoys me when I have to park a cap on the table instead of the back of a pen.

It also annoys me when a cap is so damn heavy it wants to pull the fountain pen away from the paper as you write when it’s posted.

Well, there’s an apparent bonus in that the cap actually SCREWS securely onto the back of the body so you won’t lose it and there’s no chance it will fall off the back.

Well, if the sexy, smooth and understated Nemosine Fission has a demon it’s the complete inability to post without feeling like you’re pushing a tennis ball across the page on the back of your pen.

Folks, you get nothing in life for free.

I often get emails asking, “is this pen REALLY worth $300?” I’ll address how I answer that in a second, but they say the devil is in the details my friend.

Cheaper pens tend to cut corners when addressing balance and weight.

Caps are inherently heavy, because clips are added weight. But more expensive pens tend to keep the blind cap, the end of the cap that holds the clip on, as light as possible and counterbalance it by adding weight to the cap band so the weight is distributed closer to your hand instead of further away, which makes a pen feel unbalanced.

But hey, if you’re not a poster, you don’t care about any of that. Ah this is the one thing I WISH they would’ve addressed in design to perfect my melt-in-your-mouth-Marvin-Gaye-masterpiece.

Who is the Nemosine Fission Good For? Is It a Good Value?

Hell yes. I mean, just look at that finish. Yes, you! The pen on top in the photo below. How can you resist? You CAN’T! It’s just incredible.

Yep. That’s it. Hell yes it’s a good value.

Who is it good for? Men. Or women that love big pens. Also, if you absolutely have to post your cap on the back, you won’t be happy. Either because of the unbalanced feel, or because you have to unscrew the cap, then screw it on every time. So, since it won’t post without screwing on, SCREW IT. Leave it off and love life.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. Again, who is it good for? Everyone. Okay, not someone who doesn’t like large pens. But you…you like large and in charge pens right? Then yep, Hell yes, this is for you.

It’s a great value for anyone that wants beauty, function, and incredible smoothness, all wrapped up in a shiny body at a price your wife won’t care about.

Get the price of the Nemosine Fission fountain pen now on Amazon.