Nemosine Neutrino Fountain Pen Review

The Nemosine Neutrino, Fission and Singularity all landed on my desk at the same time. Neutrino begs you to write reams of great poetry with its 1.1mm calligraphy nib…

Is the Nemosine Neutrino the best of the three?

Well “best” is an impossible term. You know that anything less – “noteworthy” or “supreme” – is too much of a hedge to sound sexy. We’ll get to performance later… but first…

Should a fountain pen be sexy?

  • 1.1mm Calligraphy Nib
  • Low Price

  • Heavy Cap
  • Stiff Clip

My Short Nemosine Neutrino Video:

Fountain Pen Design

Damn straight a fountain pen should be sexy.

From its understated good looks, to its beginner fountain pen price point, the Nemosine Neutrino has the power to engage the guy with 35 bottles of ink and the uninitiated alike.

Neutrino means, “little neutral one” in Italian (or so I’ve read, I don’t speak Italian) and is the smallest of the three Nemosine models. says Neutrinos are “teeny, tiny, nearly massless particles that travel at near lightspeeds. Born from violent astrophysical events like exploding stars.” Wow, what a great definition!

Although the Nemosine Neutrino is smaller than the other two models they currently make, it is by no means tiny.

The cigar shaped Nemosine Neutrino has the brand name etched into the cap band and a functional, but stiff, pen clip. Maybe with a little use, that bad boy will loosen up. In the meantime, I wouldn’t clip it on your pocket or you’re likely to lose some stitching when you pull it out.

There is a wide, engraved band around the body where the cap meets it that looks like a series of rings. The metal threads squeak securely onto the metal body threads after each ink refill. Metal on metal, man, if I had to ink it more frequently, I’d grease the threads to silence the friction.

Uncapping this beauty is bliss because the cap threads are some sort of plastic so it’s a peaceful 2.5-rotation twist-off.

When you unveil the nib, you’re greeted with a somewhat undersized nib with gorgeous filigree engraving. It’s smaller than you’d expect given the body, but still gets the job done.

There are several finishes and nib sizes available, I’m reviewing the Nickel finish and 1.1 mm nib. The Nickel finish is a matte look, which contrasts the shiny chrome trim nicely. The nib is steel, so it’s nail hard, no flex, but almost all pens at this price are nails.

The pen comes with several cartridges and a converter to load up with your favorite color of ink.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?
Man, I hope the model I received is just a fluke because when it does lay open your heart’s secrets, it is an AMAZING writer.

Where the rubber meets the road right?Well, the Nemosine Neutrino is a solid writer, BUT, it does occasionally hard start.

What that means is despite its delicious writing most of the time, once in a while the ink doesn’t start until you’re halfway through the first letter of your next word, which can be irritating when you’re mid-thought.

Written words can’t adequately communicate the expressiveness of a calligraphy nib, the sheer joy as you watch your writing take on character only line variation can give.

The Nemosine Neutrino combines a calligraphy nib to give you wider downstrokes and thinner horizontal strokes with a price that will make you happy. Is it perfect?

Absolutely not.

My model had some annoying hard starts when you’re on a roll, but the sheer fun of writing with it makes it worth owning.

If you write slowly, this is a somewhat wet writer. If you scrawl quickly, it will write drier using the included ink cartridges.

I used it on notebook paper and there was some minor ghosting, so I could’ve used the backside of the page if I didn’t mind a shadow of the words on the other side, but nothing like a full bleed-through.

1.1mm Calligraphy Nib

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post & Balance

The Nemosine Neutrino has a screw off cap that takes 2.5 rotations to remove. The first thing you notice about the cap before you even remove it is its weight.

This is one HEAVY cap. Once you remove it, you’ve restored the balance of the pen. With it capped, it is most definitely cap heavy.

I found out the hard way that this baby DOES NOT post well.

What does that mean?

It means the cap will sit on the back of the pen by the force of gravity, but will fall off the second you turn the pen horizontal.

I found this out the hard way when I had to call my 11-year-old over to fish the cap out from the frame of our couch because it had lodged so deeply between the cushion and frame I couldn’t reach it.

His small hands were able to recover it, but that was the last time I tried to post the cap.

When I was pretending the cap posted (as opposed to teetering on the top,) it threw off the balance of the pen. This pen is certainly not for posters.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

Have you tried a calligraphy nib yet? Would you like to try a cheap one but don’t know which one to buy?

This is an excellent introduction to calligraphy nibs at a price that will let you splurge on several shades of bottled ink and still feel like you got a deal. Seriously! If you’re not into big pens, and prefer a more standard-size pen, this is medium to smallish on the fountain pen spectrum.

The pen is easy to use and easy to ink, and it’s a gift that it comes with a converter so you can try any color of ink that strikes your fancy. Buy it and go shopping for a new favorite shade of ink… you won’t be sorry.

Get the price of the Nemosine Neutrino fountain pen now on Amazon.