OMAS Certified Art Deco Arte Italiana

Is the Omas Arte Italiana Art Deco Certified The feather weight champion?

 omas certified posted

  • 12-sided Design, Greek Key Cap Band
  • Roller-Wheel on Clip
  • Smooth, wet writer


  • Screw-on/off cap (personal preference)
  • Semi-flex is stiff, requires a lot of pressure to flex

My Short Video:

The idea that you can identify a single champion fountain pen is sexy if you’re looking for just one. It’s also unrealistic and a dangerous way to think.

When you try to narrow your choices to only one perfect pen, you lose the ability to appreciate the edge different fountains give you for different emotions you’d like to evoke when you write.

Some fountains work best for letter writing and when you’d like a little formality, some are better for pouring your thoughts into a journal for an hour or more without caring about your handwriting; when the speed of transferring your thoughts is paramount. This fountain pen will serve you well in the latter, pouring your heart out using a pen that can keep up.

OMAS Certified Fountain Pen

Red OMAS Certified Art Deco Fountain Pen Review

The first thing you’ll notice when you hold an OMAS Certified is its weight. At 19g, it’s one of the lightest fountain pens I’ve ever used. It’s made of cotton resin and comes in black, yellow or red (shown.)

The OMAS Certified is designed similarly to the Milord, with a wide, 12-sided design. There are only 1931 pens in each finish available to celebrate the year of creation of the first Arte Italiana model. This is a piston-fill fountain pen, meaning you submerge the pen in an ink bottle and twist the end to fill it rather than pulling it apart and inserting a cartridge.

The screw on cap takes three rotations to uncap. The pen clip is beautiful, it narrows from its widest point down into a somewhat bulbous end fitted with a roller-wheel for easier sliding off and onto fabric in pockets. There is a Greek key pattern OMAS is famous for around the cap, surrounded by two thinner rings, all palladium plated trim.

OMAS Certified Fountain Pen Performance

OMAS Certified Fountain Pen
OMAS Certified Fountain Pen

The nib is titanium and semi-flex. The tines separate under pressure to add some line variation to your writing but as you can see in the writing samples, it doesn’t show up without a lot of pressure.

What I’m trying to say is it’s a stiff semi-flex nib. It’s too stiff to flex when I write normally and even when I applied gentle pressure. I had to REALLY shove the nib into the paper heavily to get it to displace the tines and leave a wider down-stroke.

When I shoved it with excessive pressure to get it to flex for more dramatic line variation as I wrote, the ebonite feed was responsive to sudden flow changes and able to keep up without any starvation, skipping or flooding.

There was a little tooth on the upstroke when I wasn’t in the sweet spot on this nib. It’s finicky, but when you find that spot and keep it there, it writes wet and well.

In short, I like this nib but I don’t write with enough pressure to engage the semi-flex so I didn’t get to have as much fun with it as someone who likes a firm flex and has a heavier hand when writing. The nib comes in medium and fine only, but if you’re heavy handed, you’ll get to see more of the semi flex for some character in your writing.

This is a WET writer. Not as wet as a Milord, but wet. Use it on notebook paper only if you don’t care about using the backside of the paper and occasional marks on the sheet underneath it.


The OMAS Certified posts securely and well even though it only grabs onto the piston knob part of the pen. It never came off as I wrote for extended periods. The featherweight 6 grams of cap is almost weightless on top of the fountain pen, you really don’t notice any additional weight as you write. Posting the cap will make it much longer but it’s well balanced.

OMAS Certified Fountain Pen uncapped


Like all wet writers, it will bleed through on notebook paper or any thin Moleskine type of paper. It feathers on the page when used on cheap paper because the ink tends to pool, especially when engaging the flex as you write.

OMAS Certified Fountain Pen Stats

  • 19g total weight
  • 6g cap weight
  • 139mm capped
  • 127mm uncapped
  • 173mm posted
  • 9mm grip point
  • 13mm cap band (widest point)
  • nib = 24mm long and 8mm wide
OMAS Certified Fountain Pen nib

OMAS Certified Fountain Pen Overall Value

The OMAS Certified is great for anyone who wants a quality, well-designed and lightweight fountain pen. When you first hold it, you’ll be shocked at just how light 19g is for a fountain pen, but you’ll enjoy it when you write, your hand will never tire.

I deeply enjoy the width of this pen and the 12-sided design. It’s not as flashy or large as the Milord, but still has all of the class and elegant touches in all of the right places.

You’ll enjoy the versatility of it’s design and the fact that it’s design is grounded in usability if you enjoy wet writers. This is a fun pen, my only constructive criticism is that I wish the flex engaged with less pressure… but if you don’t need super-flex, then this is a super pen.

Check the price on the Omas Certified at Amazon.