OMAS Milord Fountain Pen Review

The Omas Milord Fountain Pen nib deliveres copious amounts of ink to paper.

This is one WET writer, but there aren’t many parallels to this writing experience. Have you fallen in love with a fountain pen yet? You will when you try a Milord.

You haven’t experienced a fountain pen until you’ve written with an OMAS. wow. There are no words. But I’ll try…

OMAS Milord Fountain Pen
  • Beautiful Styling
  • 18K Nib
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Roller-wheel on pen clip
  • Screw-on/off Cap
  • It eats A LOT of ink
  • Too long for posting the cap

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OMAS Milord Fountain Pen Design

OMAS Milord Fountain PenThe OMAS Milord is made of cotton resin which is hard to describe, but EXTREMELY lightweight. It feels similar to the glossy smooth finish of fiberglass after a 2000-grit wet sand.

The OMAS Milord fountain pen I’m reviewing is part of their Arte Italiana line, this one is maroon with rose gold trim.

The Arte Italiana collection is based on designs from the 1930s and comes in three descending sizes: Paragon, Milord and Cruise.

This is a BIG pen, more on that later. The huge ebonite feed compliments the oversized 18K gold nib. It has an art deco inspired 12-sided design, which I wasn’t sure would be comfortable, but turned out to be wonderfully comfy.

The cap band is stamped with OMAS and Italy, and there’s the ubiquitous greek key engraving all the way around the wide band.

OMAS Milord Fountain Pen
OMAS Milord Fountain Pen

There’s a black mound on the top of the cap that terminates in a raised point at the center of the black circle, surrounded by a gold ring.

The pen clip is flexible and comes equipped with a roller-wheel that is tension fitted against the cap to help the pen glide on and off of pockets easily.

It takes 2 rotations to uncap and cap it. (This is an annoyance to me, purists want screw top fountain pens, but they just remind me of screw-cap wine, cheapens the experience. I don’t want to write with or drink 2-buck chuck.)


OMAS Milord Fountain PenHave you ever sprayed a squeaky hinge with WD-40?

You know how you sprayed it, then worked the hinge a couple of times to lubricate the metal-on-metal and all of the sudden the hinge just floats open and closed almost without any pressure from you?OMG, this is how the OMAS Milord writes.

It just glides like a recently lubricated hinge… no pressure, no sound, no force. It just dances across paper like Ginger Rogers did with Fred Astaire.

Because it’s so big, you assume it weighs more than it does until you pick it up. It is LIGHTWEIGHT. It’s a featherweight pen at 13 grams. It’s deceptively light but strong like fiberglass.

Unlike accidentally grabbing fiberglass flag poles on a putting green -those make your hands break out in a rash-touching this fountain pen is sheer joy!

I didn’t think I would like such a juicy writer before I used this pen, but it glides so effortlessly, I knew it was going to bleed through to the back of my journal page and I just didn’t care. I enjoyed this pen that deeply.It gulps and slurps ink as fast as an alcoholic polishes off a fifth of Johnnie Walker Black.

Below are a close-up of the nib and a writing sample. It will bleed through all thin papers you have, so this fountain pen is only for your thicker paperwork and journals. Even with the wet writing, it didn’t feather. The ink sits atop the page like glistening beads of glue until it settles into the fibers of the paper after a few seconds.OMAS Milord Writing Sample

As mentioned earlier, because it’s such a wet writer you will use a lot of ink. I don’t mind because it allows me to change inks more often and a bottle of ink lasts A LONG TIME.

Because the pen is so light, I didn’t experience any hand fatigue. I did need to remove the cap because when I wrote with it posted; it felt awkward because the pen is 171mm posted, which is too long for comfort for all but the largest hands. It wasn’t too heavy to post like most larger pens, it was just too long.

OMAS Milord Stats

Milord Stats:

143mm capped

129mm uncapped

171mm posted

10mm at grip point

14mm at widest point (cap band)

OMAS Milord Fountain Pen Nib

Overall Value

The OMAS Milord retails around $450 US so it’s an expensive fountain pen. But all OMAS fountain pens are handcrafted in Italy so you’re getting an excellent value for the price.

The manufacturer’s website describes the hand finishing of the initial cutting of the 18 carat gold leaf to rolling, blanking and bending the nib. They talk about a total of seven operations are needed to create the ebonite feed and regulate the flow of ink and how the clip on each model is unique and OMAS says each pen is a goldsmith’s masterpiece.

You’re buying quality craftsmanship and a pen that actual people have handled, it didn’t just roll off an assembly line at a factory and into the gift box.

That, in itself, makes it worth the price. Beautiful, heirloom quality and the Omas Milord Fountain Pen is a unique masterpiece to hand down.

OMAS Milord Fountain Pen