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Parker fountain pens are one of my all-time favorites. Reliable, quality craftsmanship, mid price-point. These babies are awesome

parker urban with bullet

Parker Urban Fountain Pen Review

The Parker Urban is an hourglass-shaped fountain pen with a stainless steel, smallish nib. You’ll recognize an Urban anywhere after seeing one because of it’s shape. Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe, it just needs a white halter dress and a seven-year-itch…check it out!

parker sonnet v. parker ingenuity

Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen Review

The Parker Sonnet is hard to critique. After a week and a half of daily use, constructive criticism was out the window because this is a FANTASTIC pen

Parker Premier in Box

Parker Premier Matte Black Review

Juicy nib and all matte black, the Parker Premier is one gorgeous writer.This pen turns heads, even hard-nosed critics will take a second look.

Parker Ingenuity

Parker Ingenuity 5th Technology

Wondering about the Parker Ingenuity and whether it’s really a fountain pen? Check out pros/cons, dimensions and a short video to see if it’s worth your cash

Parker IM showing Cartridge

Parker IM Fountain Pen Review

The Parker IM in Deep Gun Metal is eye candy. I have the same feeling about the Taupe version. HOT. Writes like a dream. What more could you ask for?

parker duofold

Parker Duofold Centennial Review

Parker Duofold is one of the sexiest pens around $400. The Centennial is the larger cousin of the International. It’s a stout, wide pen that will seduce you