Waterman Hemisphere Review

Discover the Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe white fountain pen in detail with luscious photos and a detailed review below! Available in White or Black lacquer finish, I’m reviewing the white model that is fit for any professional. If you know someone who’s a doctor or medical professional, this pen in white would be a perfect gift.

  • Beautiful Lacquer Finish
  • Wave Inspired Cap Design
  • Thin Body
  • Smooth Writer
  • Steel nib is nail hard

Fountain Pen Design


Steel Nib

Cartridge/Converter Fill

Pull-Off Cap

Capped: 137mm

Uncapped: 120mm

Total Weight: 25g

The Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe white fountain pen is cigar-shaped, thinner at either end with a thicker middle, but overall this is a thin fountain pen. It’s about the width of a Bic ballpoint pen.

What’s striking when you first look at it is the white lacquer is deep, like a great paint job on a hot rod, this finish was applied well and you look into it, not at it. The white makes you immediately think this would be a great pen for a medical professional, it would fit in with a lab coat beautifully.

The white finish comes with palladium plated trim, the black Deluxe comes with 23K gold electroplated trim.

I love the wave-inspired cap engraving on the Deluxe model I’m reviewing. It’s finished with an oblique-cut cap that tops off the uber-professional and classy design.

The black grip section is separated from the white body by a palladium plated ring engraved with Waterman, Paris France on either side.

The nib I’m reviewing is a fine point, steel nib paired with a plastic feed. The Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe doesn’t come with a converter, but you can buy one, or you can use Waterman long cartridges. I happen to love Waterman ink so I used the cartridges, but it pairs well with most fountain pens.

Overall, a classy, modern appearance fit for a professional.

Fountain Pen Performance on Papers

Left to Right: Perspective, Hemisphere Deluxe, Elegance, and Expert

The Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe white fine point fountain pen writes smoothly. I haven’t had any issues with skipping or hard starting and it writes as you’d expect a fine to write in terms of line width.

It’s not an exceptionally wet writer (that’s hard to accomplish in a fine nib,) but wetter than most fine nibs and it does leave a glossy trail of ink that settles slowly into the paper when using Waterman ink cartridges. I love when you get to watch the wet, glossy line settle slowly into paper.

What I enjoy about this fountain pen is its versatility. I used it on notebook paper, and heavy Clairefontaine 90g paper and it wrote well on either and both. Some pens have a harder time on notebook paper because it’s so thin. This one wrote just fine on either without bleeding through to the backside of the paper.

I’m coming to love Waterman nibs. I’ve haven’t had a bad writer from Waterman yet, they’re all smooth and luscious writers so far. I enjoy gold nibs more than steel because the gold is somewhat pliable so it bends slightly as you write feeling like more flex which gives a fountain pen a luxurious feel.

Steel nibbed pens can write just as well in terms of contact with the paper and smoothness, but steel isn’t pliable it’s nail-hard so the luxury of a slight flex is missing in steel nibs, but that’s not to take away from this pen’s smoothness, it’s smooth.

This pen could easily become a daily carry pen and look special, although it’s a little on the thin side for my taste, I usually like fatter fountain pens.

Okay, But How Does It Feel?

The Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe White fountain pen feels balanced and lightweight. It would fit well into a pocket or purse. I experienced no hand fatigue when writing with this for 30-minute stretches in my journal.

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

This fountain pen has a pull off cap that posts well on the back without chattering or wiggling off.

The wave pattern in mesmerizing, who’d want to set that on the table anyway? Keep it on the pen and enjoy the balanced ride.

The oblique cut of the cap is beautiful and the two-branched clip is springy and functional.

This fountain pen is thin and lighter-weight than many brass-bodied fountain pens.

I like the feel of it posted because it adds just a little heft and the weight of the cap is well-balanced so it’s not at all top-heavy when posted.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

Are you looking for a thin fountain pen with a professional look that’s well balanced and smooth at less than $100? Then the Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe is for you.

There aren’t many drawbacks to this model other than the nib has no flex,  just like all other fountain pens with steel nibs that aren’t specifically engineered to flex.

I appreciate that the palladium plated, wave-inspired cap engraving conceals fingerprints, (a common nuisance of chrome-finish pens.) I also love the white lacquer body over brass, which gives some substance to the thin profile.

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