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Purple Fountain Pen Picks

Tribute:Pantone Color of the Year 2018 in 8 Pens

Today’s post takes inspiration from the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018: Ultra Violet. How can you not LOVE this shade of violet? It’s beautiful and although I have no plans to paint my walls this hue, I can certainly see painting the town purple with a new Ultra Violet fountain […]

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1911S Fountain Pen with Nibs

Fountain Pen Repair: 10 People Who Specialize

No one wants to send in their beloved fountain pen for repair. You don’t know where to go, who to trust and when you’ll see it again. The industry is small and the repair pool even smaller. With Richard Binder’s retirement, there are some big names still out and a few smaller businesses who will […]

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window of a plane

Flying with Fountain Pens

By: Paul Godden It’s a pleasure to share writing by like-minded people in the fountain pen community. Paul contacted me to suggest an article about flying with fountain pens, then offered to write it. You’ll learn a few takeaways he’s picked up over many flights with his beloved fountain pens; please share his wisdom with your social circles. […]

Three colors of fountain pen ink stains

Fountain Pen Ink Stains On Clothes

Top three home remedies for removing fountain pen ink stains tested here! A quick internet search recommends hairspray, alcohol and nail polish remover as the top choices for treating fountain pen ink stains, so I put them to the test for you. I thought it was interesting that after several searches, I couldn’t find any articles […]


Top 10 Gift Ideas for Fountain Pen Lovers

You’re buying it for yourself, so that doesn’t make you any less thoughtful, right? Just so you feel a little better, I found this list by surfing my favorite site, for an hour looking for things I’d like for myself in order to share with you today. 🙂 Okay, so the first one is […]

Quotes on Writing and Their Relevance Today

Famous Writing Quotes and Their Relevance Today

Now a days I find myself delving into the words of authors for inspiration and a way to re-frame my life when my motivation is waning. Here are some writing quotes that resonate with me. Ashwin Sanghi Writing is an intensely personal activity. I can pen down my best thoughts when I’m alone. But when […]

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5 uncomfortable truths

5 Uncomfortable Truths About Fountain Pens

I’m happy that fountain pens are experiencing a resurgence around the world. While availability of fountain pens continues to be a challenge, many are finding their new writing instruments online. It’s a beautiful hobby full of tradition and you can pursue it anywhere! Writing with fountain pens isn’t all roses, and there are some uncomfortable […]

10 must have fountain pen accessories

10 Must Have Fountain Pen Accessories Under $25

Fountain Pens are an expensive hobby. They cost a bundle and inks and papers can easily outpace your cheaper pens. Once you come to grips with the money you spent on the bare necessities it can be daunting to think about spending another fortune on accessories. The good news is there are loads of fountain accessories […]

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Survey Results Surprised Dog

Survey Results Are In: BFP Readers’ View

A tremendous thanks to everyone who shared their feedback on my recent survey. I hope it’s the first of many discoveries I can share; I want this blog to cover topics that you care about, so please share any suggestions in future surveys, or by email to info @ (No spaces, I’m trying to keep […]

reader favorites

10 Most Popular Fountain Pens & Inks 2017

Here are our readers favorite fountain pens then inks by number of pens bought by readers just like you.  Many brands are represented, a few surprises that didn’t make my favorites list, but made yours! You’ve probably seen my favorite fountain pens by price and all of the pens I’ve reviewed by brand. I’ve just updated the most […]