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sugarcane v. standard copy paper

Sugarcane Paper v. Copy Paper

If you haven’t heard about Sugarcane Paper, now is your chance! Look at photos of fountain pen ink on sugarcane paper and regular copy paper to compare and see if you think it’s worth it to try…

budget pens and lines

Battle of the Budget Fountain Pens

This is an epic battle. I’ve been asked SO MANY times to review budget fountain pens, the cheapest I can find… So I set out on my mission to review 10 pens under $10. Here are the results.

Finding The Best Fountain Pen For Time-Crunched People

You don’t have to be an expert to master fountain pens Something tells me you’re just … well …more time crunched than most people looking for fountain pens.You’re not interested in reading 20 pages of forum posts to find your next pen. You’re not buying every pen you see or picking up the cheapest disposable […]

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Who Invented The Fountain Pen?

Who Invented The Fountain Pen? Was it Poenaru? Waterman? Who Did What? Who Invented The Fountain Pen? Answer Follows… Petrache Poenaru patented the fountain pen on May 25th, 1827, he invented the fountain pen while he was in school in Paris and wanted a way to continue note taking without stopping to dip for ink. […]

holding a fountain pen

Using A Fountain Pen

Curious about how to use a fountain pen? Writing with one can seem confusing, but it’s easy to master. Learn how to hold your pen here


Smudge or Bleed Ink

Wonder why fountain pen inks smudge or bleed more than ballpoint ink? It can be frustrating. Here’s your answer

Gold vs. Steel Nibs

Gold vs. Steel Nibs – The Great Debate

I get a lot of questions about why I prefer gold nibs, what the difference is. You don’t tend to see glowing reviews of steel nibs from collectors, (they’re usually bought by people using their first few fountain pens) and few people address the nib construction in their reviews. So what’s wrong with a steel nib? Well nothing, unless you’ve […]

experts share their favorite pens

Experts Share Their Favorite Fountain Pens

In celebration of the first anniversary of my website, I asked some of the top fountain pen experts to answer one important question:   “What’s your favorite fountain pen? If you could only use one fountain pen the rest of your life, what would it be?” You’re in for a treat. Here are their expert […]

Best Beginner Fountain Pen

Best Beginner Fountain Pen

The best beginner fountain pen has many of the features of more expensive pens at a price that doesn’t have you reaching for a Bic Crystal. So which one should you choose? If you’re n a hurry and want the short answer, jump to my review of the best cheap beginner fountain pen. Want more […]

Baron Fig Confidant Notebook – A Review of this Hardback Journal

Baron Fig Confidant Notebook caught your eye? This review has tons of close up photos, inked pages and explains how this hardback journal handles fountain pens. This journal comes in one color: gray. It also comes in the traditional assortment of either lined, dot grid or blank pages in 5.4″ x 7.7″, wider and shorter than […]

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