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Aurora pens are beauty personified. Higher-end models are entirely handmade and honed before you receive them. Absolutely gorgeous.

Aurora Tu Fountain Pen Review

Meet the modern, chrome capped Aurora TU fountain pen. It’s a looker, but much like the blind date Grammy set you up with, looks aren’t everything.

Aurora Talentum

Aurora Talentum Fountain Pen Review

Aurora Talentum is reminiscent of its sister model, the 88, in size but the chrome cap against a black resin body makes it jump out at you in appearance.

1911 Nettuno Gift Box

1911 Nettuno Tridente Review

The Nettuno Tridente Fountain Pen is a STOUT pen, this is one beastly giant of a pen that is just as handsome as it is LARGE. Beautiful Resin Finish Solid 14K Gold Nib Oversize Pen Clip Fits Well With Overall Size of Pen Cap Is Too Heavy To Post Comfortably For Long Writing Sessions My […]