Top 5 Best Fountain Pens Under 100:  Recommendations & Comparison Chart

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Nib Type

Waterman Expert Medium-Thick Steel
Aurora Ipsilon Medium Steel
Kaweco AL Sport Raw Medium-Thick Steel
Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe Thin Steel
Sheaffer Sagaris Medium Steel

*My #1 pick, the Expert used to be on my favorite $100 – $200 list, but now it’s less than $100! Check it out…

Above is a comparison chart of the Top 5 best fountain pens under 100 recommendations with links to full reviews with photos, video and detailed descriptions.

This chart allows you to compare my favorite fountain pens from different manufacturers based on a variety of factors and choose the best one for you. I have ranked them within this price range in the order they most appeal to me overall after reviewing them. You can see a detailed review by clicking on the model name.

Prices are averages on the day I compiled this chart; however, you can see live prices by simply clicking on “Live Price”.

* – Width is my personal rough categorization on whether the body of the pen is thin (#2 pencil), medium (average gel pen), or wide (almost the width of two pencils side-by-side).


1. The Top 5 best fountain pens under $100 don’t come with converters, so you’ll need to buy one separately or buy ink cartridges. (See inks here)

2. Important: Long cartridges have a higher ink capacity than most converters or short cartridges which will reduce the time and money spent replacing and refilling them. Just make sure your pen fits long cartridges before buying them.

3. You can syringe refill cartridges with bottled ink for more ink color choices (see how here)

**I will keep this page updated as I review more pens and will change my top 5 best fountain pens under 100 if I review a pen that becomes a new favorite. 
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