Top 5 Best Fountain Pens Under 50:  Comparison Chart of Cheap Fountain Pens

This top 5 best fountain pens under 50 dollars comparison chart allows you to compare my favorite cheap, affordable and inexpensive, starter fountain pens. There’s more information below the chart if you’d like to read up on choosing your first pen.

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Nib Type

Nemosine Fission Thick Steel
2. Waterman Kultur Thick Steel
Pilot Metropolitan Thin-Medium Steel
Lamy Safari Thick Steel
Sheaffer VFM Thin Steel

How confident are you that a cheap fountain pen will work?

Look, I know you work hard for your money and if you’re reading reviews before buying a fountain pen, it’s a safe bet you want to make sure you’re getting a reliable writer. Granted.

When you haven’t used a lot of fountain pens, it’s easy to fall into a rainbows-and-unicorn fantasy that they all write the same. You know the one, it goes like this:

  • Buy a beautiful cheap fountain pen
  • Pull the cap off, ink it and write carefully crafted letters to your friends on fancy paper while falling head over heels in love with the smooth, juicy feeling of the new nib
  • Cap it, stuff it proudly back into your front pocket and congratulate yourself for making your friends’ day while picturing them devouring every word you’ve written and spreading the word of your excellence far and wide

Isn’t it a beautiful scenario?

The harsh reality is that some fountain pens skip, hard start, and grab onto the fibers in that fancy paper, stifling your prose before you even get a sentence out.

Finally a solution to scratchy, budget fountain pens!

The best tool you have in your arsenal is something you might not realize you have.


That’s right, I’m a lethal ninja wielding your next writing weapon just sitting here quietly in the shadows waiting for you to put my work to use.

Okay, so I’m not a ninja, BUT I’ve used every fountain pen reviewed on this site and know a little bit about them. I’ve gone through all of the trouble of actually using the pen you’re considering and tell you about it in a detailed review you can find by clicking on the model name in the best fountain pens under 50 dollars chart below.

These are the best fountain pens you can get on a budget. This buyer’s guide was hard to for me to produce because it was challenging to identify my number one pen. I really enjoyed the top three similarly but ultimately there could be only one #1!

How to get the most out of this chart…

The top pens at this price point are fairly evenly matched and come down to a personal preference on design. All of the pens in the top 5 best fountain pens under 50 dollars chart are great writers, with smooth ink flow.

You’d be happy to own and write with any of them.

The pen that ultimately ended up at the top of the best fountain pens under 50 list combines great writing with an absolutely stunning finish. Many of the other best fountain pens under $50 have utilitarian finishes, but the top dog is more appealing in its design overall. It looks and feels like it’d be much more expensive than it is.


  • You’ll need to buy ink cartridges and/or may want a syringe and bottle of ink (see a list of inks here)
  • Many of these inexpensive pens do not fit converters (a reusable ink holder that allows you to draw ink from a bottle.) For the versatility of hundreds of colors without a converter, you’ll need to syringe fill.

**I will keep this page updated as I review more fountain pens and will update any preferences in my top 5 fountain pens under 50 dollars if I review a pen that becomes a new favorite. 

You can see live prices by simply clicking on “Live Price”.

* – Width is my personal rough categorization on whether the body of the pen is thin (#2 pencil), medium (average gel pen), or wide (almost the width of two pencils side-by-side).

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