Cool Journals Filled with Fountain Pen Paper

Are you looking for cool journals of fountain pen paper?

Okay, fountain pen FRIENDLY paper?

Me too. So I decided to ask on Google+ and find the best writing journals and notebook as recommended by fountain pen enthusiasts, a community of journal writers and my circles.

In the market for another journal, I wanted to find out what others were using to help guide my purchase. I was overwhelmed by all of the choices, so here are the

Top nominations of fountain pen friendly paper:



A lot of people love the Rhodia Webbie notebook. At 5.5 X 8.25 this is a great size journal. It’s the quality of the 90g smooth paper that people cite as their reason for pairing the Webbie with fountain pens. The thick paper means little bleed-through on the backside of each page, great for wetter fountain pens. There’s also a pocket inside the back cover and an elastic band to hold the book closed.
MidoriThe Midori Traveler’s Notebook the epitome of cool journals, has a sumptuous 6″ x 4″ leather cover that becomes more sumptuous over time. An elastic band holds notebooks and other inserts in place. You’ll invest in a little luxury with this one, at roughly $40. A second elastic band threads through a hole in the back and can be wrapped around the whole notebook to make sure that the blank paper stays put and nothing falls out of it.
The Moleskine notebook was a surprising addition to the favorites list from Google+. I find the paper far too thin for most fountain pens which causes bleedthrough. But if you’re using an extra-fine nib you might be okay.
The 5.75″ x 8.25″ Leuchtturm 1917 Notebook has a couple of unique features including a blank table of contents, label stickers for the spine & cover (in case you want to archive them) and numbered, lined pages. Like the others above it has a pocket inside the back cover and a page marker. Very reasonably priced notebook with loads of functionality.
Mead Composition Books are simple, yet effective 7.5″ x 9.5″ journals that also showed up on the list of Google+ favorites. People like buying batches of them because they’re fairly inexpensive in order to fill journal in over many years. Simple, cheap, gets the job done.
Lafayette Notebook is not as widely available, but still got a nod from fountain pen users for their full size sheets (8.5″ x 11″), and ruled pages with numbers. It lies flat when open which is a bonus to those who like to squeeze every last word onto a page. The blank table of contents and empty bubbles for dates on each page make for great organization of your thoughts over time.
The 6″ x 8.25″ Clairefontaine Cloth-bound Notebook is full of thick, extra smooth 90g paper which is supremely fountain pen friendly. This book has a cloth binding with linen thread which helps with durability. I have a Clairefontaine journal and love the paper, second-to-none.
Not sure why Day-Timer popped up on my list of cool journals in Google+ other than a few people misread journal for day planner. Although I LOVE Franklin Covey calendar planners and am using one today, these are dated pages used more to plan your appointments than to freely journal your thoughts.
The Levenger Notebook has 100gsm 9.8″ x 11″ paper, which means it’s 67.6lb paper, about half the weight of cardstock, more than double the thickness of printer paper. So this is LUSH paper that will stand up to your fountain pen ink! 11 aluminum 3/4-inch Discs can accommodate up to 120 sheets total so you can pull out sheets and reorganize your thoughts. What I love about spiral or ring-bound journals (my preference) is that they open completely flat. I don’t like fighting the left side of the cover when you’re about halfway through the journal, this Levenger meets that need.

 Honorable Mention

Originally I was limiting this page to the top 9 as voted on Google+. But I’ve since used a Baron Fig Confidant notebook that I’ve reviewed here as well.

There are just so many journals to choose from, so many options! Above are cool journals filled with the best paper for your fountain pen and include:

Leather bound journals

Handmade journals

Custom personalized notebooks

Cute notebooks

Lush heavy paper, blank books