Diplomat Excellence Review


Ah, the Diplomat Excellence is a beautiful pen from the Diplomat line. This baby has a huge nib that gives a smooth ride across the page.

 diplomat excellence posted

  • Pull off cap
  • Huge Nib
  • Smooth Writer
  • Classic Looks
  • Clip Design


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My Short Video:

Diplomat Excellence Fountain Pen Design

Diplomat Excellence is a gorgeous writer with a simple, elegant look and feel. I like big nibs, and this one fits the bill completely. Love it!


The gift box it comes in is worthy of a gift. It’s a generous one, and would make a great graduation gift or Mother’s/Father’s day gift for a writer or someone who loves to write letters in their own hand. I’m glad there are so many of us who still do that.

Diplomat Excellence in Navy has a classic shape, with a flare at the end that keeps your fingers from slipping onto the nib, a bonus for those of us who don’t like inky fingers.

It comes in standard nib sizes, but the nib size I review in the video is a broad nib which means it’s a fat, thick line of ink. If you prefer a finer line, the medium and find are both excellent writers too. I was able to try some other pens from the line, the Traveller and the Magnum in those nib sizes and loved them all.

Excellence comes with a branded converter and a couple of cartridges so you can ink it in a way you see fit.


How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

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Isn’t this nib just delicious?


I mean who wouldn’t love this big boy with the awesome branding and oversized nib. Just Love it.

The steel nib is smooth as ink on glass, just flows extremely well across the page and is a medium flow writer, not too wet or dry using the ink Diplomat provided in the cartridges they supplied with the pen.

I used this on notebook paper with a little bleed through largely due to it’s bold nib size. The fine and medium within the brand didn’t have as much bleed through on cheap paper.

But, as with many pens, your writing experience skyrockets with expensive paper. Clairefontaine really makes the feel of this pen apparent because the paper is so smooth and absorbent.

I didn’t have a hard start or skip in sight with this beautiful specimen, it’s a solid writer and great value.

But check out it’s size as compared to the Traveller and Magnum in the photo below… the nib is just GORGEOUS.

Three Diplomat Nibs

This is an every day pen. You can carry it anywhere and do anything with it. It is not so expensive or eye catching that you couldn’t make it your daily writer.

In the writing sample below, you can see the different nib widths and the line widths they each produce. The broad point has a nice, juicy thick line, where the fine is almost a medium. My nib preference really depends on my mood. A lot of writing, I usually want a fine nib, a little but want to have fun with inks, I go with a broad.

writing sample diplomat traveller

The Cap

020This is a nice pen with a pull off cap, hallelujah! You don’t find these often! I always look forward to using pull on/off caps because they get me to writing faster.

This is a nicely weighted pen, I believe it’s made of brass covered in resin, but can’t find verification of that anywhere in the paperwork or on Diplomat’s site.

The pen feels balanced, even posted, so the cap stays put and it doesn’t cause hand fatigue at all.  In short, this pen is a delight to use.
diplomat excellence on paper

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

Diplomat pens together

This is a great fountain pen and would be a perfect fit for someone who likes a larger pen, but not ready for beast mode pens, and wants to see a very large nib at the end of their hand.

This baby is smooth, gorgeous and gives you a great writing experience without looking like you broke the bank or bought a pen to impress your friends. It’s understated good looks are like combining the girl-next door good looks with the fact that she’s approachable and funny. This pen has it all and doesn’t leave anything on the table.

Get the price of the Diplomat Excellence fountain pen now on Amazon.