Diplomat Magnum Soft Touch Review

The Diplomat Magnum is nice matte-body fountain pen that looks more expensive than it is. This one feels great, looks awesome and is a keeper!

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Diplomat Magnum Fountain Pen Design

The Diplomat Magnum is a great fountain pen. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the crystal clear tube it came in. The matte finish is classic and feels nice to the touch.

I really enjoy using this fountain pen; it’s called soft touch and its matte finish really is softer to the touch sort of a powdered finish feel.

It’s hard plastic, but you can feel the fine finish and it’s not slippery, it feels a lot like a powder-coat on metal… like you’d feel on a brand new mailbox.


Steel Nib
Nib Width: 7mm
Nib Length:

Cartridge/Converter Fill
Pull-Off Cap
Capped Length: 130mm
Posted Length: 149mm
Uncapped Length: 120mm
Mid-Grip Width:6mm
Cap Band Width: 8mm

Total Weight: 13g
Cap Weight: 7

diplomat magnum soft touch in box

I enjoy this pen, its shape tapers from one end to the other, and it has an unusually fat clip for its size. Diplomat Magnum also has a very wide cap band affixes the clip to the cap. The look of the band, wide clip, and eraser-sized cap button tapering down through the rest of the body give the impression of a mechanical pencil.

This pen looks like a classic pen anyone would carry. It’s interesting shape, lovely matte finish and distinctive acrylic cap button lend style to this cheap-ish fountain pen.

Diplomat Magnum isn’t big like the name implies, its average size and quite lightweight. The nib is stainless steel and the feed does a good job of keeping up with your writing. It comes with cartridges and the ink windows are just cut outs in the plastic on either side which make it easy to see how full the cartridge is.

You can also piggy-back cartridges inside the body by stacking the fat side of each against each other, so you always have a spare ready inside the Magnum.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

diplomat magnum nib

035Magnum shines in the nib department. This nib is smooth and the flow is great. The nib does keep up with fast writing and the medium nib writes a medium-thick line.

It is a medium writer, not too wet, not too dry. The ink I used in the writing sample below is the supplied ink cartridge from Diplomat in black.

It’s a smooth writer on any paper and unlike other fountain pens, Magnum is lightweight. your hand NEVER gets tired of pushing it across the page, even posted!

Since the medium nib writes a somewhat medium-thick line, there is some ghosting on the back of the page on cheaper paper, but it doesn’t bleed all of the way through. This is definitely a great everyday carry pen. You can take this guy anywhere and write on everything (except glossy pages obviously) and you’ll be happy.

writing sample diplomat traveller

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

magnum cap and clip

038Diplomat Magnum has a pull off cap that slips on and off easily. The cap posts on the back.

Because the body of the pen has facets running down each side, and there’s an inner cap to keep air out, the cap seats slightly high on the body. But the high placement of the cap on the back of the body doesn’t pose a problem and it stays seated on the body even upside down with no chatter.

I really enjoyed writing with this guy.

Diplomat Magnum is balanced, lightweight and a pleasure and the cap just makes you smile as the design aesthetic reminds you so much of a mechanical pencil.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?


This is a pen for anyone who wants a stylish yet utilitarian fountain pen that is lightweight. It’s cheap enough that you won’t stress out about it getting scratched or beaten up a bit and it’s so lightweight you could carry it in between buttons on a dress shirt or even in the pocket.

Diplomat Magnum is a great buy and probably competes most with Lamy Safari in terms of price point and looks.  If I had to decide between the two, I’d pick the Diplomat. The feel of it in my hand is just better, bottom line.

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