Dryden Design Classic Fountain Pen

Dryden Design Classic is a cheap fountain pen which comes in either silver toned or black gloss finish. The hardware is gold on both pens. There is a tallish bump on the end of each cap that is unique to this brand and looks like a dot of plastic on the top, center of the cap.

 Dryden Designs Classic

  • Price
  • colors blend well on body

  • silver shows fingerprints
  • threads on section for a pull off cap?

My Short Video:

Dryden Design Classic Fountain Pen Design

This is a very classic looking piece. Dryden Design classic fountain pen looks like many other fountain pens. There’s nothing eye catching about the design but there is an unusual and unexpected thing we will address later in this review.

Overall, a classic looking pen with gold trim and comes in a nice velveteen pouch for gift giving, wiping down fingerprints or just plain keeping the scratches off of it.

dryden designs case

Dryden Design classic fountain pen has traditional styling at an excellent entry price point.

The classic won’t raise any eyebrows and will blend in, in an office environment or at school. It will jump out as much nicer than the typical BIC or gel pen, and not as flashy as the MUCH more expensive Parker Centennial.

Plastic all around, but a sturdy plastic that feels right, as well as plastic feed and an inner cap that’s standard on all but the cheapest fountain pens to keep it from drying out.

Dryden Designs classic comes with a converter so you can fill it with your favorite ink.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

dryden traditional nib

dryden profile nibDryden Design classic fountain pen is a smooth writer a are all nibs I’ve tried stamped with the GENIUS iridium hallmark of this nib. I don’t hold that against the pen since there are many pens out there using the same nibs.

The pen is fairly smooth, although there was a very slight catch in the up and to the right stroke, probably an imperfection in the iridium tip that I could work out with a coffee cup or paper bag.

It’s a medium writer, not wet, but not dry. The medium nib writes a medium width line using Montegrappa ink I had nearby when I opened them.

dryden design classic writing sample

Dryden Design Cap and Section Mystery

dryden cap, no threads

Why would a pull off cap have threads on the section?

It’s very curious. The pen doesn’t have threads in the cap because it pulls off. Ironically it does have threads on the section, maybe it’s for looks as it makes the pen look more pricey than it is? I’m not sure, but I found this extremely odd in a form follows function sort of way.

The cap does post on the back but not securely, just enough to get a nice bite into it.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

dryden classic

Dryden Design classic is a good entry level fountain pen or for someone who wants a nicer pen than a cheap roller ball but is not ready to spend $50+ on a fountain pen just yet.

We all start at different price points, and with some luck even entry level fountain pen purchasers will eventually get a more upscale fountain pen someday to perpetuate using these great writing instruments.

For my money, I have found other cheap fountain pens that I like better in both feel and design, one of those being Dryden’s own hooded nib.

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