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dryden classic

Dryden Design Classic Fountain Pen

Dryden Design Classic is a cheap fountain pen which comes in either silver toned or black gloss finish. The hardware is gold on both pens. There is a tallish bump on the end of each cap that is unique to this brand and looks like a dot of plastic on the top, center of the […]

Dryden Design Hooded Nib with Cap

Dryden Design’s Quest: Smooth Nib Under $20

I was introduced to Dryden Design pens through email at as a request to review their fountain pens. Upon receiving them, the gift box this hooded nib comes in as well as the set with a ballpoint and appealing finish make this bad boy a keeper.   My Short Video:  Dryden Design Hooded Nib Design […]

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Bamboo Cap showing Grain

Dryden Designs Bamboo Fountain Pen Review

How does the Dryden Designs Bamboo Fountain Pen do with every day use? You’re about to find out. Dryden Designs calls this a luxury pen, this is definitely not a luxury fountain pen. It’s very hard for any pen to fit into the luxury fountain pen category at less than $30 retail and I will […]