Faber Castell Loom Review

The metallic look of the Faber Castell Loomfountain pen is classy and elegant. The fine rings allow for better grip when writing with sweaty hands and it posts well (cap on the back) for long stretches of writing without hand fatigue. This is a looker AND a performer!

 faber castell posted

  • Finish is fun and classy
  • rings around the section allow for better grip
  • Pull off cap
  • Posts VERY well, balanced


  • pull off cap requires force
  • Nib a little small for body

My Short Video:

Faber Castell Loom Fountain Pen Design

The Faber Castell Loom pen pictured in this review is the metallic version, they come with different colored caps. There are several including plum, blue, orange, violet (a lighter shade of purple than their plum), lime, and black.

The metallic was my favorite, so I bought it to review for you. You’ll notice the cap is a slightly different finish than the body, with a slightly more metallic sheen on the cap than the body.


Nib Width: 7mm
Nib Length: 19mm
Capped Length: 127mm
Posted Length: 156mm
Uncapped Length: 116mm
Mid-Grip Width: 8mm
Cap Band Width: 12mm

Cartridge/Converter Fill
Steel Nib
Pull Cap
Total Weight: 32g
Cap Weight: 7g

faber castell capped

This pen just says its owner chose me because I have understated class.

The finish is simple and the shape of the pen a little bulbous at the cap and inside it on the section. The section has some rings that are slightly raised and help a lot with grip, especially if your hands get sweaty when writing.

The nib is slightly undersized for the wide body, but still a great look (closeup below) and smooth writer. All in all, this is one attractive pen!The metallic finish is classy and understated, not flashy or gaudy, and has a quiet elegance.

Bulbous caps are nice in the hand when uncapping, and this one is not particularly heavy so it posts well on the back. I like the Faber-Castell brand stamp on the side of the cap, it makes me think of a wine bottle cork in its shape and the font chosen for the engraving on the cap.
faber castell loom cap logo

Medium nibs are versatile and that’s what’s shown in the writing sample below. The Faber Castell Loom also comes in EF, F, and B steel nibs.

It uses international short cartridges, but you can piggy-back two cartridges in the barrel so you don’t run out of ink out and about. The section’s concentric rings allow for better grip if your hands get sweaty when you write and it’s a very comfortable feel, the rings are not raised so high that they annoy your fingertips.

Nib Performance: Faber Castell Loom

faber castell loom nib close up

Like all steel nibs, this one has no flex and is hard, but it is smooth. There’s no hitch in the giddy-up here!

I didn’t struggle with any skips or hard starts, this is a well made feed and nib. They work together well even when writing quickly where some other pens struggle.

The included ink cartridge has great color, I like the shade of blue. When writing on cheap paper as shown below in one of my cheaper journals, the ink ever-so-slightly bleeds a little. The lines aren’t as crisp as they could be on cheap paper. I’ll syringe refill this cartridge with another brand of ink for a slightly crisper line on cheap paper.

faber-castell loom writing sample review

The Cap

faber castell capfaber castell loom clip - spring loadedThis is a slip on cap, which I LOVE, but this one is a bit stiff. I didn’t know it was a screw on/off cap when I un-boxed it, so I twisted MANY times trying to unscrew the cap, only to unscrew the body. Finally I gave it a firm tug to get the cap off and figured it out.

I’m sure the ring that the cap slips over to snap into place will wear down a little over time and allow it to pull on and off easier. That will make this even nicer.

The pen has a very well balanced feel, even with the cap posted on the back. The cap isn’t heavy so it doesn’t pull out of your hand when you write.

No chattering with the cap on the back of this classy lady, it stays, even upside down!

Who is the Faber Castell Loom Good For?

faber castell loom section

This pen is a great value for anyone looking for an understated, classy pen at a great price. It’s not an expensive pen, compared to other fountain pens, and it’s priced well for the smoothness and value you get.

It comes with a cartridge included, so you’re ready to write, right out of the box. You’d want this pen because you want an understated beauty that performs well and won’t bust your budget. This little beauty will make you smile and make your hand happy.

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