Fountain Pen Repair: 10 People Who Specialize

No one wants to send in their beloved fountain pen for repair. You don’t know where to go, who to trust and when you’ll see it again.

The industry is small and the repair pool even smaller.

With Richard Binder’s retirement, there are some big names still out and a few smaller businesses who will restore your fountain pen to its former glory. Although retired from repairing fountain pens, Binder’s site is still up and full of interesting information on fountain pen function and tips for DIY repair if you’re so inclined. If you’re just looking to smooth a scratchy nib on a cheap pen, check out the best free way to smooth a nib (Don’t try this on your expensive pens obviously).

Replace, Repair or recondition, here’s a list of 10 different websites to visit to find out more about repairing a fountain pen. I apologize in advance for the extremely dated look of many of the websites on this list, they are repairing pens and not as interested in the technical side of updating a website, or apparently providing photos.

Aurora Optima

Pentiques – Aaron Svabik is listed as the pen repairman, the website is simple with a cool logo and really great photos of bent nibs before and after repair. If you click on the “Our Work” page, you get to view some interesting shaped nibs which make you wonder how they ended up bent that way to begin with. Some beauties in there.

Nibs – John Mottishaw is the repairman at this site, which is informative and has tons of great photos for you to clearly see some representative work. Mottishaw is a trusted name in the business and because of that, he runs with a 6 month lead time on repairs of pens not purchased from him.

Southern Scribe – Rick Horne runs this pen repair website and says he’s been repairing pens for 20 years. There are some photos of repairs he’s done, but you have to be determined to find them, you just click the buttons at the top of the page for different types of repairs. The testimonials are worth a read, I just wish the website had a more user friendly with more photos.

Main Street Pens – Ron Zorn is shown as the repairman on the website. Unfortunately, I cannot find photos of repairs he’s done or before and after, but there are plenty of testimonials on his site and he specializes in Vacumatic-filling Parkers, the “51,” Aerometric Parkers, sac pens, and Sheaffer Vacuum fillers, and Snorkel fountain pens.

Ink-Pen –  Joel Hamilton and Sherrell Tyree are listed as repairing pens on their website. There aren’t any photos of repairs they’ve done, but they do have a list of common repairs and their prices.

Fountain Pen Hospital – FPH is well known in the fountain pen space and their name says it all… they do repairs. The thing is, they specialize in vintage (before 1970) model fountain pens, so if you have a newer model, they may not repair your fountain pen.

Greg Minuskin – Photos are scarce on this dated website, I wish there were an about me page with a photo of Greg just so you could see he’s a real person there.  His site says he went to a watchmaking school before working on nibs.  You can find photos under the “nib photos” link on the right column, but you’ll need to click on each one as a separate text link to see them.

Indy Pen Dance – No about page listed, so I cannot easily find who does the repairs on their site, but the testimonials are addressed to “Mike and Linda.” There’s one image of a writing sample with a pen that was repaired by Indy Pen Dance, but no other images of before and afters. Trained by Richard Binder as referenced on his own website. #Respect

Make it Work – Michael Masuyama is the repairman. No photos of before and after, but there is a price list and under the testimonials link you can see the pen models he repaired just under the testimonial for how they felt about it.

Pedletons Pens – Pendleton Brown does the repairs.  I wish he’d have posted the pen type with the testimonial and some photos of what repair was done for a better idea of what people thought of different repairs and customizations, but there are some great testimonials. I can’t tell from the site if he does general repair work or solely the “Butter Line Stub” grind he specializes in.