Grace Kelly Montblanc Pen Review

Grace Kelly Montblanc is a tribute to the 1950’s silver screen legend, it echoes her nipped waist in royal purple resin, and is outfitted with a gorgeous feminine neckline.

There were many silver screen legends of the fifties, Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Hayward, Audrey Hepburn and so many more. But do you what to discover how Montblanc captured what made Grace Kelly memorable?

Great… we’ll explore her through Montblanc’s design tribute to the beautiful starlet.

This review is for women only. I know that might tick you off, but I’m going out on a limb to say unless you’re quite the feminine man, (and by that I mean you enjoy wearing evening gowns,) this is not a pen for men. There aren’t as many fountain pens designed especially for women, so this is an exciting review to write.

But maybe you’re reading to decide if this is right for your wife or girlfriend. (Let’s hope not both. I meant… whatever.) Well, in that case, carry on…


  • Dazzling cap design
  • Petal-cut Pink Topaz gem
  • Design marriage: beauty & power


  • Dazzling cap design
  • Petal-cut Pink Topaz gem
  • Design marriage: beauty & power

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18K Gold Nib
Nib Width: 6mm
Nib Length: 18mm
Uncapped: 121mm
Cartridge Fill
Screw Cap
Capped: 135mm
Mid-Grip Width:7mm
Posted: n/a
Cap Band Width:10mm
Widest Point: 15mm
Total Weight: 39g
Cap Weight: 16g

If there were ever a “trophy pen” for today’s modern woman, you just met her.

Oh, You missed her name?

Princesse Grace De Monaco Fountain Pen by Montblanc.”

Grace Kelly Montblanc

Sizzling.     Divine.     Dazzling.

The design of this fountain pen is the embodiment of delicate grace as it scrolls across the page. It’s an homage to the blend of beauty and power alluring women have showcased throughout history. You can feel the power and romance in your hand, seductive sensuality at its finest.

Grace Kelly was a Hollywood starlet in the fifties that eventually married Prince Reinier III of Monaco when she became official royalty as Princess Grace Kelly.

The Grace Kelly Montblanc is made of purple resin; the color purple is usually associated with royalty because of the cost of the dye originally used to produce it. Montblanc is a brand marketed to the affluent, and this pen is no exception. If you’re willing to invest a grand in one fountain pen, you might want to match the icy purple finish with an icy purple ink. But in that case, one notable downside is that you will syringe fill this silver screen siren because she’s cartridge only.

The beautiful purple resin is complemented by sumptuous gold trim that drapes like an elegant neckline down around an engraving of Princess Grace Kelly’s monogram. It has a pronounced clip draped with a dazzling .39 carat petal-cut pink topaz gemstone. The end of the cap is topped with a HUGE Montblanc insignia, their trademark snow-capped peak in white surrounded by black, encircled in thick gold trim.

The overall shape resembles fishtail/mermaid dresses. Mermaid dresses are elegant, form-fitting dresses that flare out around the shins to reveal all of a woman’s sexy curves and further highlight an hourglass figure. The gold blind cap at the opposite end of the cap is a pronounced, flared shape engraved with a rhombus pattern near the body and capped with a gorgeous mother of pearl button on the end of the fountain pen.

This comes in fine or medium nibs, and I’m reviewing the medium in 18K gold. That 18K nib has an extra-feminine touch of a heart-shaped vent hole. The nib leads up to a gold-plated metal grip section. The section leads up to the ink supply, remember, it’s cartridge only, no converter, unusual for an expensive piece of fine writing jewelry.

How Does The Grace Kelly Montblanc Nib Perform On Paper?

Such a beautiful pen, I couldn’t wait to ink it and begin writing.

Could she do it? I mean could a pen this beautiful be as easy on paper as she is on the eyes? I had my doubts.

Grace Kelly Montblanc skipped once or twice per page the first couple of pages, but more than that, the supplied Montblanc black ink cartridge delivered, well, boring and flat black ink to the page from such a feminine and gorgeous fine writing instrument.

So I had a personal re-inking party. I decided to flush out the Montblanc black ink cartridge and nib and load her up with some purple to match her fancy dress and see how she did. Since she skipped a couple of times, I was hoping the full clean and flush before reinking would help her performance and get her to glide.

Feast your eyes on two different inks in the writing sample below: Montblanc black and Kaweco purple. The black was boring coming from this womanly pen so I wanted to add some fun to the review and tried a purple ink with the purple finish.

Grace Kelly Montblanc medium nib is a slightly wet writer, but not gushing or bleeding wet. On notebook paper, the manufacturer’s black ink does bleed-through enough that you won’t be able to use the back of the page. The bleed through is everywhere so there’s no line where you’ll be able to use the backside of your notebook paper.

On notebook paper, it is a great writer, with little feathering of the ink. It shows up with a thick, inky black line on the page that dries true black, not a faded dark gray like some other inks can.

So, is Grace Kelly Montblanc a daily carry pen?

Special occasion pen for sure.

Now, I carried her everywhere in my purse for a week. Sometimes I had heightened awareness that there was a thousand dollar pen in my purse and other times I completely forgot. Having just lost a gifted pen from my purse turning over in a booth at a restaurant, I’m extra careful now.

Because you can’t post, you have to leave the cap on the table as you write, and because she’s so fancy in her evening gown, this is a pen for sitting down with a cup of tea to write a letter to your friends and family that will make you feel like a million bucks.

It’s not a pen to carry in your bag everywhere and sign checks at restaurants, although I did and it wasn’t a problem.

Taking her everywhere is a bit like getting dressed up in an evening gown and going to the grocery store. She looks out of place and overdressed for everyday fun but people will admire her beauty, even when out of place in her environment.

I did get a few stares, as in, “wow, really? you carry that massive, expensive pen everywhere?” But no one commented on Grace Kelly, they just stared at her. (I’m always interested in what people will or will not say about a fountain pen. Interpreting their reactions is part of the fun of reviewing so many fountain pens.)

Just like the woman did, Grace Kelly (the pen) has an aura of royalty about her others notice.

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

The cap screws on and off which wakes me up from my lucid dreaming about this fountain pen. Another wake-up call is it’s not a poster. That means you can’t ride the cap on the back of the pen at all, this fountain pen is designed so you can’t even get it on the back.

Now, I’m not generally a fan of screw caps. But what Montblanc does well in this design is they make it only two rotations to cap and uncap.


The Kaweco Special I reviewed recently took NINE rotations, yes that’s 9, to get the cap off! I was irritated by the time it was finally ready to write. Not this one, Grace Kelly Montblanc was good to go after two short twists. Granted, they are in different stratospheres of price, but designing user-friendly cap threads shouldn’t be an engineering feat, it should be an industry standard. Montblanc nailed it.

Grace Kelly Montblanc forces you to write capless. The flared blind cap will not allow the extra-large 15mm wide cap to post, a good thing because even if the cap would fit, it would throw the balance off kilter because 15 millimeters of gorgeousness is HEAVY.

So set the cap aside and admire its neckline and petal-cut pink topaz from afar because this fountain pen is skinny-dipping in the writing waters without her top.

Because it’s light without the 19g of cap, and has an hourglass shape, it’s extremely comfortable to write with.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

Are you at the point in your life where you’re asking yourself, “Is this all there is?”

Grace Kelly Montblanc is for a woman who has spent at least a decade traveling through life at warp speed, unable to slow down to appreciate the finer things because of too many obligations. Someone who asks herself reguarly, Where did the week go?

This fountain pen is for a woman with a life full of fulfilling obligations to everyone else. Maybe it’s a demanding career or supporting someone else’s, toting children to extracurricular events, exercise classes, parent-teacher conferences or shoehorning time in with your husband. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Either way, Grace Kelly Montblanc is for a woman ready to put the brakes on and concentrate on deepening stalled friendships or reconnecting with family through handwritten letters. It’s also a great pen for pouring your heart out into a journal. It’s a personal pen, not one for sharing. This is an heirloom pen to pass down to your daughter, or a woman who feels like one.

There’s something empowering about putting the brakes on and taking some time for yourself with the Grace Kelly Montblanc in your hand. The only drawback is she’s cartridge only, so find Montblanc cartridges in a color you like (they have a beautiful royal blue) or learn how to syringe fill and pick your own favorite shade of ink. (Highly recommended.)

What will you write with your Grace Kelly Montblanc? Whatever you want, she’s a diva and so are you.

Check the price of the Grace Kelly Montblanc now on Amazon.