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window of a plane

Flying with Fountain Pens

By: Paul Godden It’s a pleasure to share writing by like-minded people in the fountain pen community. Paul contacted me to suggest an article about flying with fountain pens, then offered to write it. You’ll learn a few takeaways he’s picked up over many flights with his beloved fountain pens; please share his wisdom with your social circles. […]

Three colors of fountain pen ink stains

Fountain Pen Ink Stains On Clothes

Top three home remedies for removing fountain pen ink stains tested here! A quick internet search recommends hairspray, alcohol and nail polish remover as the top choices for treating fountain pen ink stains, so I put them to the test for you. I thought it was interesting that after several searches, I couldn’t find any articles […]

coffee cup with fountain pen

Coffee Cup Nib Smoothing

Have a cheap, scratchy pen? Try coffee cup nib smoothing. Give your fountain pen nib a tune up with this simple hack in less than 5 minutes.


Syringe Refill A Cartridge

Scared to syringe refill a cartridge? Wondering how to do it? This article explains everything you need to know to fill one like a pro

How To Clean A Fountain Pen

There are so many things to learn, like how to clean a fountain pen! And the cartridge, converter, nib, dried ink, the list goes on. This post is inspired by a few of the questions I’ve received from readers on how I clean my fountain pens. There are many different methods, but this works for […]