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Three colors of fountain pen ink stains

Fountain Pen Ink Stains On Clothes

Top three home remedies for removing fountain pen ink stains tested here! A quick internet search recommends hairspray, alcohol and nail polish remover as the top choices for treating fountain pen ink stains, so I put them to the test for you. I thought it was interesting that after several searches, I couldn’t find any articles […]

pen brands standard ink 1

Fountain Pens That Use International Cartridges

Looking for the right cartridge to buy to fit your fountain pen? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve compiled the biggest list of brand-cartridge compatibility I can for you. International fountain pen cartridges come in two standard sizes: 38mm short and 73mm long; both have the same size opening to fit around the […]

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Cool Journals Filled with Fountain Pen Paper

Are you looking for cool journals of fountain pen paper? Okay, fountain pen FRIENDLY paper? Me too. So I decided to ask on Google+ and find the best writing journals and notebook as recommended by fountain pen enthusiasts, a community of journal writers and my circles. In the market for another journal, I wanted to […]


Best Everyday Fountain Pen Ink

Here’s a sneak peek at what bottled inks other readers are buying. I thought I’d review the stats on what inks readers have purchased most often after clicking through from this site then round it out with Amazon’s bestselling fountain pen inks. Answers to the most common questions readers have are under this chart in INK FAQs. Best Everyday […]