Jinhao 159 Fountain Pen Review

Is the Jinhao 159 fountain pen just another cheap Montblanc 149 knockoff? This big, fat beast of a pen certainly LOOKS like the infamous MB. Find out more

 Jinhao 159

  • Price
  • FAT body
  • Looks expensive


  • Soggy wet writer
  • Cap doesn’t seat well

My Short Video:

Jinhao 159 Fountain Pen Design


This is one of the fattest, widest pens I’ve used to date. I’ve used more than 100 fountain pens so far, (I lost exact count) and this tips the scales toward MANLY pens.


Steel Nib, 18K gold plated
Nib Width: 9mm
Nib Length: 23mm

Converter Fill
Pull/Screw Cap: Screw Cap
Capped Length: 143mm
Posted Length: 152mm
Uncapped Length:122mm
Mid-Grip Width: 10mm
Cap Band Width: 15mm

Total Weight:50g
Cap Weight: 18g

Jinhao 159 cappedThe Jinhao 159 fountain pen is SURELY a cheap knockoff of the Montblanc 159 shown in the info box. If you take a look at the photos and compare the pens, at first glance they are extremely similar.

That’s where the similarities end. I don’t expect a $10 pen to write as well as a MB, but there are some differences you should be aware of before you plop down your hard earned cash for one.

First, the look of this pen is pure class. It LOOKS expensive which means a great deal to most people wanting to get a cheap fountain pen without breaking the bank. It is classy. You have to love fat pens for this to work for you, this is one of the widest pens I’ve used to date. Two Bic stick pens would easily fit side by side on the width of this big boy.

The minute you unscrew the cap and try to screw it back on your teeth will grind a little because you’re screwing plastic inner cap threads onto a metal outer body. There are a bunch of threads, but it only seats on about a quarter turn because the threads aren’t aligned well. I don’t want to push it any harder for fear I’d easily strip out the plastic cap threads.

How Does The Nib Perform?

The Jinhao 159 has an enormous nib that delivers copious amounts of ink to your paper! I mean A LOT of ink!

The section isn’t foolproof, meaning the ink delivery doesn’t blob, but it’s not as consistent as a pricier pen either. It leaves a much wetter line of ink at the bottom of every stroke and a light line on the top of your lettering. I used Kaweco black ink in my writing and syringe-filled the non-functional converter.

Bleed-through is definitely a problem, so don’t plan on using the back of your paper, this bad boy will mark the backside of the page up pretty well so it won’t be usable.

The 159 nib is smooth, definitely not scratchy, and wet. It leaves a lot of ink on the page. What was a bummer was that the included converter didn’t work. It didn’t suck up any ink.

Because it’s such a wet writer, your best bet is using thicker paper, notebook paper works, but it’s too wet for notebook paper.

Jinhao 159 Nib


 The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

The cap doesn’t post :(. It doesn’t sit on the back of the pen while you write which is a bummer for me. I like to keep the cap always on a pen when I write.

It isn’t heavy, it seems like it would post fine, but it’s the shape of the body, it doesn’t seat well and barely balances there precariously, not a good grip to the body.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

Jinhao feedDo you like fat pens? I mean REALLY fat pens? Well, you’re still reading so I’m going to assume that yes you do.

You won’t find many fatter pens than this and it writes well as long as you’re using a thicker paper. You also won’t find many fountain pens less than five bucks! The ones you do, might be a little scary, but I road tested this one and it’s functional for less than the price of a fancy coffee.

I’d be curious as to how it would do with a lighter ink, you might get away with less ghosting on the back of the page then, but the Kaweco boot black (okay I made up that name, it’s just Kaweco black) really shows up on the back of thin paper.

You will enjoy this pen if you like fat pens, don’t mind a heavy pen and like to bottle feed your pen since this doesn’t come with cartridges.

Get the Jinhao 159 fountain pen now on Amazon.