Jinhao 500 Mother of Pearl Fountain Pen Review

Wondering about the Jinhao 500 fountain pen? Here’s where you’ll find close-up photos and an extensive review!


  • Price
  • Pull-cap
  • Converter Included

  • Too cap-heavy to post
  • Clip is too stiff to use


Jinhao 500 Mother of Pearl Fountain Pen Design


Steel Nib
Nib Width: 8mm
Nib Length: 18mm

Cartridge/Converter Fill
Pull/Screw Cap: Pull
Capped Length: 136mm
Posted Length: 172mm
Uncapped Length: 117mm
Mid-Grip Width: 8mm
Cap Band Width: 11mm

Total Weight:38g
Cap Weight: 13g


This fountain pen looks classy. It looks like a MUCH more expensive pen than it is. With the delicately engraved five lines sweeping across the faux mother-of-pearl body, capped on either end with black cap and blind cap and gold accessories, this is one hot mama. It’s more of a romantic feel than you’d expect for ten bucks!

It’s a bit heavier than many cheap fountain pens. Although once the cap is off, it’s perfectly balanced and weighted. This is definitely cap-heavy and the clip is for decoration only, it’s so stiff that you’d rip out your shirt pocket if you tried to hook this bad boy there.

The Jinhao 500 has a gold cap band engraved with Jinhao on one side and 500 on the other as well as a gold clip and the end of the gold clip has an inset black gem that complements the cap.

An incredibly cheap fountain pen, this one comes in only a medium nib, but don’t let that sway you, it’s one smooth writer!

I love that the pen comes with a converter so you can fill it immediately with your favorite ink. I used Whal-Eversharp “Everberry” in the writing sample below, a purplish-blue hue that I enjoy.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?


Ok, so I’m a skeptic. I bought 10 fountain pens at $10 or less so I could compare and contrast them and I honestly wasn’t expecting any of them to be smooth. I mean at less than ten smackers, I just didn’t think the quality control would be there.

This pen gives a SMOOTH – albeit stiff – ride. It’s steel nib writes on anything and delivers a lot of ink. The only issue is it’s a WET writer and the ink will sit on top of your page glistening and begging you to close your journal to help sop it up.  You’ll know if you do that the ink will bleed onto the next page and embed yesterday’s thoughts on tomorrow’s pages.

Line-width on this baby is a true medium. It is not for the crowd that loves a F or EF nib, this is a one-trick pony when it comes to line-width so you either love it or you don’t. I love writing with this pen as long as the cap is laying in the spine of a book. You can’t post this baby for long, more on that later…

The Jinhao 500 faux mother-of-pearl fountain pen combines the nib feel of a Lamy Safari with some semblance of the class of a Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe. On this writing sample I used Wahl-Eversharp Everberry ink on Clairefontaine Paper.

This pen was a joy to use the first week, and like any other fountain pen, after sitting a week, it began to skip a bit. So, this is another pen you’ll want to keep in rotation at least weekly once it’s inked to prevent skipping.

I’d say this is more of a desk pen. It’s on the heavy side, so it’d weigh down your pocket a bit. But it’s a gorgeous and inexpensive addition to your desk and makes a nice accessory to a classy office.

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Meansjinhao500converter

Pull off caps are my favorite! It’s just so easy to get started and recap when you’re done. The Jinhao 500 has a lovely pull off cap and it does fit on the back to post. The problem is, when posted, my hand got extremely fatigued. It’s far too heavy to post for any length of time, and believe me, I tried. My journal felt this pen’s nib many times and every time the cap would start posted and after a few sentences I’d have to park it on the table next to me or the spine of my journal as I wrote.

The clip is just far too stiff for wearing in a pocket or easily clipping on a purse pocket. I do like the stamped out design on the clip, evokes class and sophistication.


jinhao500cappedIs the Jinhao Mother of Pearl Worth It? 

Well, this mother-of-pearl classic statement piece is good for someone wanting a pen to park on their desk and leave there, but without worrying about replacement cost if someone happens to pick it up without returning it.

For the non-posters in the crowd (those who don’t care for writing with the cap on the back) this is a great value fountain pen.

It is smooth, reliable and cheap. You’ll love that it comes with its own converter so you can put your favorite ink in it immediately without having to purchase another accessory or cartridges.

Obviously this is one easy purchasing decision. At less than ten bucks, this is easy to add to your desk for writing special correspondence and impressing your guests.

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