Jinhao Chinese Dragon Fountain Pen Review


Ready to read about the gaudiest pen you’ve ever seen? Want to take a test drive of the tackiest fountain pen since the turn of the century?

Well, you’ve arrived.

The Jinhao Chinese Dragon fountain pen is more than meets the eye. And trust me, there’s A LOT to meet the eye here.

This cheap writing instrument doubles as a tactical pen.

Yep, I said it’s a tactical pen. It’s incognito because it’s probably better NOT to be carrying a certified tactical pen when you need to use one.

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  • Price
  • Smooth nib


  • Look at it
  • metalwork not comfortable
  • threads to post cap are a joke, this is way too heavy to post

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The Jinhao Chinese Dragon Fountain Pen Design

What’s not to say here? This is HIDEOUS. Yep, I said it, hideous. I cannot imagine who would want to seriously use this thing. Okay, the same person that enjoys wearing neon colors, two different pairs of socks, loud ties and flip-up sunglasses, not in the eighties, but today. THAT person would be attracted to this gaudy thing.

Let me back up and tell you that in order to source this pen, I looked through Amazon for fountain pens priced under $10 for my Battle of the Budget Pens article. I wanted to find pens that were rated 4-stars or higher, in hopes of reviewing great pens for people to try at the lowest price possible for a fountain pen. This Jinhao is rated 4.5 stars at the time of this review so I ordered it along with nine other inexpensive fountain pens to review for my article.


Steel Nib or K Gold Nib Nib: Steel
Nib Width: 8mm
Nib Length: 17mm

Piston Cartridge/Converter Fill: Converter
Pull/Screw Cap: Screw
Capped Length: 64mm
Posted Length: 167mm
Uncapped Length: 126mm
Mid-Grip Width: 8mm
Cap Band Width: 12mm

Total Weight: 115g (a roll of dimes is 110g!)

Cap Weight: 50g

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When this arrived. WOW. The first thing you notice is the INSANELY heaving metal covering with Dragons engraved all around the body. I don’t think I made myself clear at exactly how HEAVY this pen is. It weighs more than a roll of dimes. Yes, a roll of dimes. This thing has a pen clip… for what? What will you clip it to? Your pocket CERTAINLY can’t hold this beast, a pen pocket would fold down with the weight. It’s just overwhelmingly heavy.

It has a yin/yang symbol on the end of the pen cap that’s nice. It also has a pair of red faux jewels glued into the eyes of a dragon that are pretty cool, if not over-the-top. It’s clearly an attention getter. It has threads at the end of the body to allow the gorilla of a cap to thread on for stability when posted, but your hand will not tolerate this bad boy posted. I mean, it’s a club, not a pen.

So… tactical pen… remember?

Well, with the weight of this thing, who needs a pointed defense crown to break glass? Just slam this bad boy into your car window if you ever need to get out in a hurry and the weight behind it will take care of your escape route. Okay, so there’s no hidden handcuff key, but really? If you’re handcuffed, the police have already searched and removed all of your possessions anyway.

Specialized grip? CHECK! This thing has a rough and ready dragon surface, perfect for grip. The only downside is tactical pens should be discreet enough to get through TSA and there’s nothing discreet about this massive beast. But then again because it doesn’t represent itself as tactical, well then PASS.

In some situations, it’s vital to have a sharpened part of the pen that can be used to jab or poke an attacker, which will not only cause extreme pain, but it will also collect the aggressor’s DNA for future identification. Before you resort to that, you can hold up the dragon’s red eyes to mesmorize your attacker first, then while he’s dazed, you can use that nib assembly to collect a skin sample and jab out an eye. Oh yeah, and the Jinhao Chinese Dragon writes well too, so before you stab someone with this bad-ass, write your memoir.

That brings me to…

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

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Well on the off chance you’re still considering buying this hideous pen with excellent reviews on Amazon, the Jinhao Chinese Dragon writes well. Surprisingly well!

The nib is smooth just like other Jinhaos I’ve reviewed and it writes on anything (if you can handle the 20-lb lead brick in your hand for any length of time.) The nib doesn’t skip and doesn’t hard start, but I could only write a few sentences before setting it down. It’s WAY TOO HEAVY and makes my hand ache. I posted it just for kicks-and-giggles to see how it felt. It felt like I was writing with a Mac truck. There is just no way anyone REALLY writes with this monstrosity.

But then again there are more than 15 reviews on Amazon of this pen, most favorable. I have to think the seller paid some people to post fake reviews because no one that wants a fountain pen could write with a screwdriver for any length of time. That’s what this feels like. Writing with a short screwdriver is not pleasurable. The dragons around the body are NOT comfortable, the weight is ludicris, I mean, there’s just no way any sane person wrote those reviews. Maybe a teenager who thinks it’s “cool” to use a weapon to write a term paper, but otherwise, it’s just not cool.

Plus… I mean… well…. look at it! I heard somewhere that there’s no accounting for taste.


 The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

Hell, is it even worth reviewing the cap? Of course, I want to give it it’s due. The cap is HEAVY. Oh, you knew that? Well it’s also hideous? Oh, I said that too? Well the CLIP which I haven’t mentioned yet is gold, to clash perfectly with the silver tone finish has symbols at the top, middle and bottom and it does flex in and out. Why? Who in the hell is going to put this in a pocket? Would you carry a full roll of dimes in your front pocket?

Your dress shirt would be quite attractive with this thing ripping the seams out.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

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Well, I was right, there’s no accounting for taste. I’ve gotta assume there is someone, somewhere who is offended at my appraisal of this blunt force weapon of a pen. They may have fallen in love with the extravagant metal work around the body of the pen and fallen for Medusa’s curse as soon as they looked into the red dragon eyes on this pen. If you want to buy this pen, you too will be turned to stone upon first glance into those red eyes.

But hey, I’m going to give you the link anyway so you can see those crazy great reviews and take another gander at this behemoth.

Get the price of the Jinhao Chinese Dragon fountain pen now on Amazon. When I bought it, it was $15, apparently since they thought they had one (real) fan in me, they’ve since raised the price.