King Nib Fountain Pen Set Review

The King Nib fountain pen set comes in a nib shaped box that, at first glance, looks alarmingly like a coffin.

You realize when you open it that there’s a great gift inside and I’m going to tell you all about it next.

 King Nib Posted

  • Price
  • Great gift set
  • Smooth Nib
  • Great value for price


  • Cap doesn’t stay posted

My Short Video:

King Nib Fountain Pen Design

I literally cannot tell you how amused I was to open the box. What’s cool is that the box has a checklist of everything inside on the outside and it’s pretty complete.

When you pull the King Nib box out of the Amazon shipping box, you find a checklist on the outside showing you what’s inside. It doesn’t really prepare you though… this is an awesome set!


Steel Nib or K Gold Nib Nib: Steel
Nib Width: 7mm
Nib Length: 17mm

Piston Cartridge/Converter Fill: Converter
Pull/Screw Cap: Pull
Capped Length: 139mm
Posted Length: N/A
Uncapped Length: 119mm
Mid-Grip Width: 6mm
Cap Band Width: 10mm

Total Weight: 41g
Cap Weight: 16g

King Nib Set, everything in box

Everything you see in the photo came in the box!

The checklist arouses some curiosity, you just want to open it and see what’s inside. You can’t wait to see the two nibs and I’m shocked that it doesn’t mention the two ink bottles either!

What’s crazy is when you remove the inner box from the packaging, you find that the gift box is coffin shaped.

Okay, it’s not a coffin, it’s a nib, but it was shocking when I first glimpsed it. The King Nib logo in the front of the gift box is extraordinarily cool. It appears to be painted on, or like silk-screened onto wood and it’s a great shape and the size is right.

The nib shaped box has the hinges on the right, so if you’re right handed you pull it to the right… this was also different for me, I was expecting it to open left for some reason.

But when you get inside, you get such a fun surprise, a 135 degree bent nib for calligraphy in addition to the broad nib it comes with.

Further unloading the packaging, I found, not one, but TWO bottles of ink, black and blue, this is AWESOME.

There were also TWO converters included and a cleaning cloth. I couldn’t ask for any more than this…

but just like the best infomercials, wait… there’s more!

The end cap of the pen is a stylus.

I’m not sure I would use this, but I think some people with tablets might. I have an iPhone and practically live on that thing, so I’ve adapted to life without a stylus.

King Nib is printed in script on the cap for branding, Oddly, I would’ve preferred it around the cap band like most higher end pens, but this works too.

The wavy pattern engraved into the cap and body is captivating, I really enjoy it.

How Does The King Nib Perform On Paper?

King Nib Coffin Box


With a name like King Nib, I was expecting a proprietary nib, specific to the brand. Or, at least an oversized nib given the name.

No such luck. 135 degree calligraphy nib tip

This steel nib is appropriately sized within the scale of the body, and it’s the same “Genius, Iridium, Germany” stamped nib that many manufacturers use in cheaper fountain pens. The Dryden pen I reviewed last week has the same nib.  I do appreciate that it’s a smooth nib without skips though.

I used the blue ink supplied in a bottle with the pen. It’s a little on the watery side for me, not a lot of saturation in the blue, which makes the pen slightly wet.

But for being marked a Broad nib, this writes exactly like a medium. There’s nothing broad about it.

There’s a sweet journal/notebook that has a pretty cover entitled “Starry Sky” that comes with this set and the writing sample is listed on that journal for you to see.

The paper in it is of average quality, it’s not super thick, but it’s awesome that it comes with the set for free. It makes a great gift set.

King Nib Writing Sample

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

stylus cap on king nib

The cap is a pull off cap, which is AWESOME.

I miss pull off caps.

Posting the cap results in a hilarious cap-popping back off incident. Even after several forceful tries, the cap is not designed to post and pops off quickly, which is my only beef with the pen.

Chevrons adorn the clip, moving from wider ones all the way down to a narrow one and gives the clip some class. Kudos to the designer, who took the excess metal and wrapped it all the way around back to the backside of the clip so there’s no hollow opening in the bottom of the clip. This little detail makes the pen appear more expensive than it is.

The King Nib brand is stamped in a part of the cap that is polished and not engraved for it. I would’ve preferred a more classic stamp or engraving around the cap band, but for all of this value under $30 at the time of this writing, I can’t complain. two bottles of ink black and blue

Who is the King Nib Fountain Pen Good For?

With the full boxed set: gift box, wooden gift box, two converters, two bottles of ink,two nibs even… what else could you ask for? My box also came with a tiny happy birthday card inside which made my day. The manufacturer did not know it was my birthday (I checked the card) but it comes in the box so you can address it to someone.

They’ve really thought of everything in this set.

This is an AWESOME first fountain pen, graduation gift, or Christmas gift. I can’t figure out what I want to do with the coffin, I mean nib, box yet. It’s a cool box, it’s a keeper even though I don’t usually keep gift boxes!

Get the price of the King Nib fountain pen set now on Amazon.

two nibs king nib