Tribute To Montblanc 145 Review

Interested in the Meisterstuck Tribute To Montblanc 145 as a gorgeous example of ingenuity with engraved mountaintops on the section as an homage to the summit Montblanc was named after?

Good. That’s the purpose of this review, to show you every aspect of this fountain pen!

  • Sophisticated Design
  • Nib is uber-smooth
  • Balanced Feel
  • Price

My Short Video:

Fountain Pen Design


18K Gold Nib
Nib Width: 7mm
Nib Length: 19mm
Cartridge Fill
Screw Cap
Capped: 136mm
Posted: 151mm
Uncapped: 119mm

Mid-Grip Width: 7mm
Cap Band Width: 11mm
Total Weight: 47g
Cap Weight: 17g

The Meisterstuck Tribute to Montblanc 145 fountain pen oozes class and sophistication.

From the emblem cut from snow quartz to the engraved mountain peaks that symbolize how Montblanc was named, this white lacquer fountain pen is amazingly detailed.

It has a classic cigar-shape, which tapers to rounded ends. The engraving around the section tells its own story of the journey through various peaks marked with the heights in meters. (There are a couple of great photos below.)

The 18K gold nib (I’m reviewing the medium but it also comes in fine) is responsive and smooth, it leaves a luscious black line on paper. This is an impressive pen. It’s hard to describe in words how it feels, but I’m trying!

The Tribute to Montblanc 145 only takes cartridges, I know this disappoints some of the purists, but the feel of this pen makes it totally worth it.

How Does The Montblanc 145 Nib Perform?

Would you look at that nib?

Man, you can see my reflection in it. It’s just gorgeous.

I was really worried about the engraving for many reasons. First, I thought, why would they put engraving where your fingers rest, it’s going to be uncomfortable. Second, I was worried ink would stain the large swaths of white in the engraved mountains, but I WAS WRONG! On both counts…

What was fantastic about the engraved section was that I accidentally got black ink on the mountains and it wiped right off and the white color remained. The engraving didn’t pick up a darker tone because black ink had seeped into it. AMAZING.

This nib is fairly nail hard, but SMOOTH as ice. I don’t write with a lot of pressure so there wasn’t a lot of give as I wrote, but wow the smoothness is typical Montblanc, silky. You can see in the writing sample below there’s not a lot of line variation, but hopefully you can also see what a great look it gives your writing.

Inky black lines delivered smoothly on 90g paper… heaven.

The Meisterstuck Tribute to Montblanc 145 is just as smooth as the Heritage, but the Hertiage is engineered as a semi-flex nib and does have a little flex to the tines, where this one requires serious pressure to feel any give.

So why would you want to pay almost $1200 for this pen? Because you’ll never feel anything like it. Montblanc engineers and crafts all of their nibs in house. They’re one of the only manufacturers that produces their own nibs by hand and you can FEEL it when you write. There are no catches, no rough spots, no teeth grinding on upstrokes.

This fountain pen swings slightly toward the wet side of the spectrum, but not so wet that it creates a lot of ghosting on the backs of pages using Montblanc Mystery Black ink cartridges.

It also writes comfortably and effortlessly on notebook paper. The experience is much finer on heavy paper of course, but it writes on everything.

What I love about it, is even though it’s an expensive fountain pen it is easily a daily carry. You may not want to carry such an expensive pen around, but it’s not so ostentatious that you wouldn’t. It’s beautiful, but sophisticated.

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

This is a screw on and off cap. It only takes two rotations to remove or cap it, so it’s not a long process although I still prefer pull caps!

It posts well. There’s an inner cap liner that seems rubber-like which seats onto the back of the pen and keeps it from chattering or wiggling off. It holds tight. I love that it seats on the body of the pen like it’s meant to.

There’s a solid grip to it when it seats on end of the pen and you can even turn the pen upside down and the cap doesn’t fall off!

I didn’t enjoy writing with it posted for a long time because the cap is fairly heavy.

Without the cap, the Meisterstuck Tribute to Montblanc 145 is balanced and feels great in your hand.

Who is the Meisterstuck Tribute To Montblanc 145 Good For?

Still interested in the Meisterstuck Tribute To Montblanc 145?

Of course you are, you’re still reading. Well let me just put your mind at ease: It’s an absolutely stunning fountain pen. Everyone will notice the quality and class of your fine writing instrument.

Does it cost a lot? Hell yes it does. It’s a Montblanc. They price themselves at the top of the market for a reason. Quality and brand recognition. If you’re looking for either of those, you’ve found them here.

Will you have to buy more stuff to make it work? Just the cartridges in the photo above or another color.

Undoubtedly, this is a pen for a professional. The white lacquer, cut snow quartz star, insanely gorgeous engraving and luxurious feel. This is not a model you can knock off with a cheaper substitute and get even close to the look and feel. This is the real deal and you’ll pay for it.

It’s unique; this is not a pen anyone you know will have and you certainly won’t lose it at this price!

Get your Meisterstuck Tribute to Montblanc 145 fountain pen now from Amazon.