Montblanc Boheme Bleu Fountain Pen Review

The Montblanc Boheme fountain pen review…Is this a pen James Bond would’ve used? Smooth, Smoky, Debonair… Bond or MacGyver would proudly carry this pen!

Montblanc Boheme Fountain PenAC
  • Compact Size
  • Original Design
  • Retractable Nib
  • Faux Sapphire on Clip
  • Smooth Writer
  • Four Twists to Remove the Cap
  • Cartridge only, no converters

My Short Video

Montblanc Boheme Bleu Fountain Pen Design


This fountain pen should have its own drink. The shaken, not stirred Vodka martini is taken so we’ll have to give it another one.

I got it… Jumpin’ Jack Black. Jack Daniel’s with blackberry brandy, no filler, no mixer… straight up! That suits this fountain pen perfectly.

This is my first Montblanc experience. What a wonderful “first” to always remember. This pen is epic, much like Daniel Craig’s 007 in Casino Royale… If Craig were short it would’ve fit my description of the Boheme better, but he’s not. Oh well.

Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen NibThe Montblanc Boheme Bleu Fountain Pen is a compact fountain pen with a retractable nib. There is so much beautiful engineering in this pen AND it’s engineered to be beautiful.

What makes it a “Bleu” is a faux blue sapphire gemstone affixed to the end of the pen clip that is gorgeous. It comes in black resin with either gold or platinum metalwork and a choice of onyx, “marron,” or rouge color stones. Stunning.

The retractable nib seems so awesome until you wonder what would happen if you twisted it to push up the nib with the cap still on.


Montblanc thought of that too and built a pin into the inside of the cap that acts as a stopper by seating to the flat spot in the feed and won’t let it go any further if the cap is on to prevent damage to the nib. How awesome is that?Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen,

Montblancs top to bottom: Meisterstuck 149, Boheme Bleu, StarWalker Resin Red-Gold

The surprising method to change a cartridge is to pop the hinge at the top to reveal the cartridge then twist the threads just beneath the hinge and the cartridge moves up and down with the nib so you can grip it. It feels like loading the back of a cannon when you lower it down and close the hinge.

The picture below shows the cartridge (sorry, this pen cannot fit a converter, but trust me you won’t be disappointed otherwise.)

Okay, I’ve never loaded a cannon, but what I’d imagine that would feel like. Mainly because of the way you pop the “door” to the side, and shove your cartridge, lower it, close the “door” then ready, aim, write.

Seriously, it’s that cool.

There’s a trio of beautiful metal rings just below the cap threads that’s shamefully covered up when capped, but remove the cap and BAM! The middle and widest ring is engraved with the words Montblanc and Boheme in all caps around the entire ring surrounded by two thinner rings, one on each side.

The wide cap band isn’t engraved, the pen clip is set on a ring which is lightly engraved with its serial number on one side and Germany on the other side; (you REALLY have to look closely to see the serial number on the ring.) This leads the eye up to another thin palladium-plated ring around the rounded star Montblanc logo representing the snowcapped peak of the highest European mountain of the same name.

The nib is 14K gold and the one I’m reviewing is a broad. Onto performance of that broad nib…

Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen

Montblanc Boheme Bleu Fountain Pen Performance

Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen

Does Montblanc really live up to its hype?

Hell yes it does. At least the Boheme does.

Aside from its beautiful engineering, this broad nib is just smooth. I was wondering if you’d lose some of the quality craftsmanship in such a small fountain pen, in a word: no.

This is one fun pen to write with and it’s attention getting. It’s funny how I take a new fountain pen almost every week to work and seldom does anyone notice or comment on the pens. This one?

TONS of comments from people that don’t know pens. That’s a compliment to Montblanc.  People were fascinated by not only its size but also its beauty.

The broad nib is not too wet, not at all dry, it’s just right. This wasn’t quiteas smooth as some of the smoothest I’ve tried like the Milord and 1911L but it’s damn close to a Bond Girl’s legs. The only time I noticed anything but smoothness in the nib was on an occasional upstroke it’d give a little feedback, but nothing scratchy here.

It’s lightweight at 25 grams so there’s NO hand fatigue.

Even with the broad nib, there wasn’t any bleed-through on journal paper or notebook paper, a happy surprise.

The only part of this fountain pen I didn’t love was that it takes four turns to get the cap off and another four to post it and fully extend the nib. Wasted time. I wish they’d have used thicker threads so the job could’ve been done in 1-2 rotations; one design trade off of finesse and seduction for usability. They thought of everything else.

I wrote on everything trying to find a flaw with this lovely Montblanc Boheme, I couldn’t find any. Ink delivery was awesome, broad nib was fun, Montblanc Royal Blue is thin-ish and pools a little for character, but I love it. (see below.) I can’t find anything to reveal to you as a weakness outside of the four turns to get it capped and posted.

Overall Value: Montblanc Boheme Bleu Fountain Pen

Will the Montblanc Boheme Bleu make you want to throw back a shot of tequila while staring down an angry scorpion?

Okay, maybe not.

But it is fun to contemplate that while writing with your Boheme. This is just fun as hell to use and it’s eye-catching.

Is it worth the MSRP? Only if you plan to use it often.

It costs a pretty penny but for the fun you’ll get out of it… worth every red cent you invest. This is love, not a fountain pen. It’s hard to express exactly how much I love this pen… Remember your first puppy love where everything was cute and amazing? Yeah… it’s like that.

I’m grateful this was my first Montblanc experience. It is memorable. You always remember your first.

It’s impossible to deny the special charm of this pen and you don’t have to be a secret agent to write with it!

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Montblanc Boheme Fountain Pen