Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen Review

The Montegrappa Fortuna in black resin with palladium trim has a bulbous cap similar to an Aurora Ipsilon, but with a roller wheel on the clip and fatter cap band. This fountain pen design exemplifies simplicity and beauty, an elegance Montegrappa is known for.

Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen
  • Nib Engraving is Beautiful
  • Simple Design, Elegant
  • Rollerwheel on Pen Clip
  • Screw off Cap: large threads
  • Nib is stiff (steel)
  • Pen clip is stiff

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Gorgeous Right? Montegrappa Fortuna is one HOT Italian…

Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Fortuna DescriptionMontegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen

The Montegrappa Fortuna fountain pen is simplicity personified. The black resin body tapers into nothing on one end, no blind cap, no ring, just solid resin. The other end holds the cap which is adorned with a cap medallion that reads 1912 with a sort of laurel wreath around it, signifying the year Montegrappa was founded.

Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain PenThe clip has a “Y” bevel from the pen which leads down to a rollerwheel at the bottom which should make getting it in and out of pockets easier.

The clip itself is quite stiff so unless you plan to two-hand getting it in and out of your pocket for a while until it loosens up, it’s too stiff for one-handed pocketing.

The cap band is quite wide and engraved with Montegrappa in a nice script.

It is not enameled, it’s left in the same palladium plate finish as the cap band itself for a more understated appearance. The large blunt threads that hold the cap on are a blessing as it takes fewer turns to remove the cap.

Once you get the cap off, one of the more beautiful nibs I’ve seen is revealed. (More to come in the performance section on this steel nib.) There are hexagon shaped multiple overlapping engravings surrounding the brand name across.

Montegrappa Fortuna Performance

The Montegrappa Fortuna fountain pen is beautiful but how does it write? Well I took the liberty of playing with this pen before I used it. I had just finished cleaning a Waterman so I took the lightly used cartridge out of the Waterman fountain pen and plugged it into the back of this Fortuna just to see if it would fit… MIRACULOUS! It takes Waterman cartridges. Interestingly, I also had a NeroUno and Miya around and those Montegrappas do not fit Waterman cartridges.

So onto performance. I have to admit, I’m not one for nail-hard nibs. This is one of my favorite LOOKING nibs, but it’s steel and steel just doesn’t give me the same smoothness and give that gold does. This nib writes well, there were problems with skips and hard starts, but only the first page of notes… by page 2, this nib had found it’s sweet spot… or rather, I’d found it I guess.Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen Writing Sample

It’s a solid writer, but nothing dreamy like a Sailor 1911L and not as smooth as a Parker Sonnet. But, it’s beauty does make it more fun to look at and more eye catching than either of those. (Okay the Sailor 1911L DOES have an equally eye-catching nib, but the rest of that pen pales in comparison.)Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen

It is average weight for a resin fountain pen at 29 grams and I experienced no hand fatigue. The cap is a bit top heavy at 14g, roughly half of the pen’s total weight with most of it carried at the top of the cap. Not distractingly so for me, but a bit more than I’d like. I’d be most comfortable for a non-poster. Plus there is nothing on the body to detract the eye from scratches where you’d post the cap so this one is better left to non-posters.

The medium nib wrote a somewhat fine line and it’s on the dry side. Not scratchy, but definitely drier than most medium nibs I’ve used. Because it’s a drier writer, there wasn’t any bleed through.  Ink goes a long way in this Italian fountain pen.

Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Fortuna Overall Value

Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen

The Montegrappa Fortuna fountain pen is a gorgeous fountain pen. I was a little disappointed in the stiffness of the nib, but many people like stiffer nibs, so you be the judge. The engraving on the nib is one of my all-time favorites, it just speaks to me. If it was in 14K gold, this would likely be one of my favorite fountain pens.

So if you own a steel nib pen and enjoy it, this will be a giant leap forward into Italian fountain pens, and a gorgeous one at that. If you own gold nibs and wonder how this stacks up, it will likely leave you wanting more, or any, give in the nib.

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Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen