Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen Review

The Montegrappa NeroUno Linea is an 8-sided octagonal-shaped fountain pen with a 1912 round medallion on the end of the barrel and the other side tapers into a comfy round section.

The octagonal shape is reminiscent of the OMAS Certified and Milord, also fine Italian fountain pens, but there are design flourishes that make this pen beautiful in its own right. In a word: memorable.

Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen
  • SMOOTH writer, wow
  • comfortable, balanced feel
  • Design is classy and understated
  • Linea model engraved lines attract lint in a pocket/purse. The regular doesn’t have the engraved lines

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Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen Design

The Montegrappa NeroUno Linea is not only octagonal shaped, but the body of the Linea model is etched with lines that encircle the surface the length of the pen and cap except for the smooth barrel section. Smooth finishes are also available, but the etched resin surface and octagonal design make it memorable.

The end of the barrel is capped with a rose gold end cap which has a 1912 medallion on the end for the year Montegrappa was founded. There are rose gold cap band and receiving threads, as well as a tall derby cap that has an inset section with Montegrappa engraved inside and enameled black.

montegrappa nerouno fountain penOn the cap, the pen clip is affixed with a round rose gold ring that is attached to the black octagonal shaped cap. The pen clip has a roller wheel at the end of it and a slight Y-shaped relief but the clip is a consistent width all of the way down to the roller wheel.

The octagonal cap band and blind cap, as well as all of the metal work, are plated in 18K rose gold and the cap band and blind cap remind me of nuts you’d find in a garage. The octagonal shape just made me think of nuts affixed to the lined “bolt” body and this pen screams it’s there for the nuts and bolts of writing.

The derby cap is also round and on the very top of the cap is a raised conical point on the end that looks like a slightly pointy roof on an octagonal house. In between the derby cap and circular pen clip ring there’s an inset faceted gold piece echoing the shape of the body. On that is where the brand name and Italy are engraved and enameled and its unique design here instead of on the cap band are memorable.

The section is round and there’s another gold ring where it meets the smallish nib. The nib is thinner and longer than many fountain pen nibs, adding to the lengthened appearance of this fountain pen. Somewhat more unique is there is no vent hole in the nib. The vent hole is on the underside of the section. The nib is 18K and writes like a dream, but more on that later…

Montegrappa NeroUno Fountain Pen Performance

Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen

The Montegrappa NeroUno fountain pen came with a screw-in converter so I filled it with Diamine ink and got to it.

Unlike the Miya fountain pen, this NeroUno writes smooth as silk. Where the Miya was stiff, this is softer. It’s hard not to compare two fountain pens from the same brand, especially when you receive them the same week. The Miya had some feedback, this has none, it just glides across the page effortlessly. The nib is soft and has some give; a semi-flex feel.

This fountain pen was loaned to me unboxed and the 18K gold nib and section have no markings as to nib size. If I had to guess, I’d put it at a medium. It’s available in extra-fine, fine, medium and broad.

This is one of the all-time smoothest writers I’ve used yet. No skips, no hard starts, no fountain pen frustration. Cap it and set it down for a couple of days and then pick it up again, no problem, the Montegrappa NeroUno writes. You don’t have to coax it by scribbling to get it to start either. This is what an expensive fountain pen SHOULD feel like!

Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen

In a word, this writer is WET. Not as wet as the OMAS Milord, but it will bleed-through your thin moleskine journals so stick to substantial paper with this beauty. I have a large journal with thicker pages and a small journal with thin pages and I used the NeroUno on both. It bled-through the thin pages so badly I couldn’t use the back and I expected this because it’s such a wet writer. I used it on the thicker journal and it also bled-through, but much more limited, typically at the stop and start of letters rather than the entire writing piece.

I don’t have any constructive criticism for the performance of this fountain pen. I experienced nothing but pleasure writing with it, just keep it on your thicker papers and you’ll be extremely happy.

Oh, notebook paper, I almost forgot. If I don’t mention how it does on notebook paper, I get notes reminding me and asking…

It writes just fine on notebook paper as long as you don’t plan to use the reverse side of your page to write. It bleeds through heavily on notebook paper as expected of a wet writer so I’d limit it to your finer papers or at least understand the backside of the page will be saturated with occasional spots on the paper behind that.

Does It Post? What are The Specs?Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen

Ah, my eternal debate when loving a fountain pen. Does it post? Can I put the cap on the back and let it write safely for my entire writing journey for twenty minutes to two hours?

Well yes it’s possible to post the cap on the Montegrappa NeroUno, but it’s not supremely comfortable.

It’s a bit long for my taste when posted so I set it off to the side while I wrote. I do like that the octagonal shape kept the cap from rolling.

Yes, if you have large hands you could post comfortably, my medium hands found it a bit of a stretch so I left it unposted. This fountain pen helped me come to a realization that I’m growing as a writer…

Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain PenI’m being more open minded to loving pens that don’t post too. It used to be a deal-breaker for me. I still prefer to post, but I can love a pen that doesn’t just as well.


  • 130mm including nib unposted
  • 141mm posted
  • Nib: 19mm tip to section
  • Nib: widest point near base is 5mm
  • 9mm wide mid-section (grip-point)
  • Total weight 34g
  • Cap weight 12g

Overall Value of the Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen

Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Fountain Pen

I recently had an interesting experience with the value of pen and paper. In my day job I do a lot of interviews. One potential candidate did something very interesting. Now, I regularly receive emailed thank you notes the same day from candidates (snail mail would arrive after I’ve already made a decision,) but one candidate thanked me differently.

She took the time to write out her thank you on personalized stationary in the lobby and left it with the receptionist for me to get the same day in handwriting on pen and paper. Don’t think that didn’t make a great impression! It was personal and memorable. I’ve been doing interviews regularly for ten years and this is the first time anyone has left a handwritten note same day. I wasn’t there to check what type of pen she used, but let’s just say the experience was memorable. Just like the NeroUno.

Did she get hired? Yes. The NeroUno is applying for your opening too…

The Montegrappa NeroUno is a pen for adamant lovers of fountains. It’s an upscale fountain pen and its price reflects that. You won’t be sorry you added this fountain to your collection as long as you like wet writers. It’s a great pen for thank you notes on personalized stationery or just keeping in touch with someone. You can keep it to yourself of course, but why? Montegrappa NeroUno will encourage you to share your emotions on paper to make someone else’s day.

Check out the price of the Montegrappa NeroUno Linea on Amazon.