10 Most Popular Fountain Pens & Inks 2017

Here are our readers favorite fountain pens then inks by number of pens bought by readers just like you.  Many brands are represented, a few surprises that didn’t make my favorites list, but made yours!

You’ve probably seen my favorite fountain pens by price and all of the pens I’ve reviewed by brand. I’ve just updated the most popular among my readers so far in 2017, (based upon what they’ve been buying this year after leaving the Best Fountain Pen site.)


Fountain Pens:

The Lamy 2000 is hugely popular this year, especially in black with an extra fine nib. It’s a beauty





The TWSBI Eco is a surprise showing since I haven’t reviewed it yet. It has multiple five star reviews on Amazon. It’s on my list to buy and review this year due to this surprise winner!




The Pilot Metropolitan in crocodile accents was the most popular but I had to showcase the photo of the white with tiger accents because it’s such a cool and cheap gift!





The Waterman Hemisphere was a new addition to this list, but EARNED its spot here, it’s a favorite of readers and a fantastic pen.





The Lamy Safari is a classic choice and a favorite of many beginners due to it’s price point, almost indestructible plastic body and triangular comfort grip.





Not surprising, the Nemosine Fission (also listed in my Top 5) came out a winner for the year as well.





The Sailor 1911L is one of my all time favorites. Very little can hold up to the nib on a Sailor.



The Parker Sonnet is another all time favorite and perennial list winner. This is a classic and would make anyone happy.




The Pilot Vanishing Point was a strong seller too, in the Blue Carbonesque finish.  I reviewed a purple version, but this blue looks spectacular.




Platinum Preppy is a new addition to the list that holds its weight against pens more expensive than it. This is a cheap pen of great quality, a good introduction into fountain pens.





The Rhodia Webbie notebook in dot was THE most popular notebook or journal the second year running by a landslide. Great taste, this is a winner!




Pilot Iroshizuku was another popular ink, with the Deep Blue Turquoise taking the most popular spot, second year winner! This is one popular color!





Waterman Serenity Blue has been in high demand this year, I understand why, Waterman is easy on your pens and it’s a beautiful blue shade.





J Herbin Emerald New addition alert! This is a new color this year and it looks amazing! This is VERY popular, the first green to make the list!




Noodler’s Bulletproof Massachusetts These inks are freeze resistant and waterproof, and bleach proof. A brilliant choice for those in cold climates, writing documents you want to survive you, or simply writing a check.



A lot of people have been interested in Heart of Darkness , a blackest black, that comes with a free pen. I’m not a fan of Noodler’s pens, at least the ones I’ve reviewed from their brand, but I hear their inks are great. More to come…




Bonus Pick:

This is the three color set that was extremely popular among readers this year, despite the fact I’ve never linked to it. You can get it on Amazon Prime for your own stocking for less than $30 🙂