Pelikan M205 Review- Blue Marble – Breathtaking

I’ve waited a long time to review Pelikan fountain pens; how can I open the review on the Pelikan Classic M205 Blue Marble? It is FANTASTIC!

This Pelikan M205 fountain pen is one you have to see and use to feel yourself to understand, but I’m going to do my best to do my job here and REVIEW it for you without your holding it.

 Pelikan M205 in Blue, BEAUTIFUL!

  • Piston Fill
  • Beautiful finish
  • Balance is perfect


  • Still Looking for One

My Short Video:

Pelikan Classic M205 Fountain Pen Design

beautiful leatherette gift box by Pelikan

Did you see this gift box though? I mean, this thing is just awesome.

I love the leatherette pouch that’s wrapped in ribbon.

You already feel special unboxing the outside sleeve, only to get to untie a brown ribbon before you see your fountain pen.

Pelikan gets an A+ on box design here.


Steel Gold Nib: Steel
Nib Width: 6mm
Nib Length: 19mm

Piston Cartridge/Converter Fill: Piston
Pull/Screw Cap: Screw
Capped Length: 122mm
Posted Length: 144mm
Uncapped Length:118mm
Mid-Grip Width: 6mm
Cap Band Width:10mm

Total Weight: 13g
Cap Weight: 5g

M205 Pelikan with tags still on it

When I first pulled this baby out of its box, the first thing that struck me was the depth of the marbled finish. The different shades of blue swirling all of the way to white are breathtaking and I stopped to stare at it, or into it, for a few moments.

The Pelikan clip is pretty standard issue, and I much prefer it to the hollow Pelikan Stola III clip which looks a lot cheaper (and to be fair, IS a lot cheaper.)

It’s a Pelikan beak shaped clip that is friction fit over anything you want to clip it to. It’s pretty stiff, but it would work. The end of the “beak” of the clip gently swoops back out so you get a wonderful shape to the clip.

Next, the logo is on top of the cap (photo to the right,) and it’s printed on the cap button in a silver toned paint.

When removing the cap, the nib is stamped with the same Pelikan logo and is stainless steel and oh, so smooth… more on that later!

This has got to be one of the sexiest finishes I’ve reviewed.

Pelikan Classic M205 also comes in other fantastic colors and a demonstrator edition and you have the option of chrome or gold toned finish on the hardware. This is not your kid’s pen, although I do highly recommend the Pelikano if you have kids and want to share your love of fountain pens!

What’s most intriguing to those who LOVE ink is that this is a piston fill. Yep, NO MORE CARTRIDGES OR CONVERTERS!

This means you just turn the knob at the back of the pen to suck ink up into the pen body and write for weeks or more depending on how often you write. Love this pen!


Have you ever even seen a finish like this? GORGEOUS!

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

Luscious M205 nib

I’m reviewing the EF nib here. I bought this one for personal use in an Extra Fine because I’ll be writing in my calendar journal with it and I wanted not only to fit a lot of letters in small spaces, but also wanted to minimize bleed through to the backside of the page.


The Classic M205 does both of those things in the EF nib.

If there were one wish, it would be that this came with a gold nib for a little more pliability in the nib as you write. The M205 nib is polished stainless steel but it’s well designed and quite smooth.

People call this pen a classic and I can easily understand why. This baby is just a solidly designed masterpiece of form and function that’s beautiful AND well balanced.

The nib is so smooth and the body so lightweight, you can write forever without sore fingers. The EF nib is not wet or dry, but it is Goldilocks’s perfect.

Because the EF doesn’t lay down a ton of ink, I even used it on thin notebook paper with no issues at all. It doesn’t skip or hard start, doesn’t bleed through and the balanced feel makes you want to carry it around and use it all day.

The Pelikan M205 Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What it Means

Pelikan logo on cap band As with most upmarket fountain pens, this is a screw on and off cap.

I appreciate that they designed the cap with the writer in mind as this cap only takes two rotations to remove and recap.

It’s well balanced, even posted, so your hand doesn’t get fatigued as you write. There’s no chattering when you have the cap posted on the back and it’s a dream to write with.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

three pelikan fountain pens

Of the three Pelikan fountain pens I’ve reviewed this year, the M205 is by far my FAVORITE. The look and feel of this pen just speaks for itself. The price point isn’t crazy for people looking for a legacy time heirloom to hand down to your kids.

I would hate to lose this beauty, that’s the only reason I’m not currently carrying it EVERYWHERE. This is an eye catching finish and everyone will want to pick it up and look into the finish for a while.

This is one fountain pen I an unequivocally say will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection. It’s classic, beautiful and timeless.

Get the price of the Pelikan M205 fountain pen now on Amazon.