Pelikan Stola III Fountain Pen Review

The Pelikan Stola III Fountain Pen is hard to provide a balanced review on because it’s a great pen. I used it for a week and let it beat around the bottom of my purse in between writing. I was able to find a few features that I think could be improved upon, but all in all, this is a great fountain pen.

 Pelikan Stola III Uncapped

  • Pull Off Cap
  • Matte Silver Finish
  • Price


  • Does not Post Well
  • Clip Design

My Short Video:

Pelikan Stola III Fountain Pen Design

The Pelikan Stola III fountain pen is made of a brass barrel, covered in smooth matte silver lacquer with shiny black clip, section and end cap.


Steel Nib or K Gold Nib Nib:
Nib Width:
Nib Length:

Piston Cartridge/Converter Fill:
Pull/Screw Cap:
Capped Length:
Posted Length:
Uncapped Length:
Mid-Grip Width:
Cap Band Width:

Total Weight:
Cap Weight:


pelikan stola iii w capThe clip is shaped like a pelican’s beak, gently sloping outward and away from the pen and getting wider toward the bottom.

The nib is stainless steel with some pretty brand engraving around the peripheral and the Pelikan logo in the middle. This fountain pen comes in a medium nib only, and that’s what I’m reviewing here.  Stola III was shipped in a clear plastic tube and came with a Pelikan cartridge.

The cap is lightweight, made of aluminum and wrapped in the same beautiful matte silver lacquer as the body.

Pelikan Stola III Clear Tube for Shipping

Pelikan Branding

Stola III has a pull-off cap with the trademarked Pelikan beak shaped clip. “PELIKAN” and the bird with baby bird design are stamped on the bottom of the cap band as well as cap finial.

Stola I and Stola II (each available in ballpoint and rollerball only) both have solid clips in the same Pelican beak shape, the III has an open wireframe look design in the same shape. The Stola I is all black, but with matte and shiny touches that make it so interesting to the eye.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

The Stola III writes very well on notebook paper, thicker journal paper, and even signing a receipt.

This fountain pen wrote well on all types of paper, but the blue that comes in the Pelikan cartridge is rather boring, I’d try a more saturated hue for a little fun.

The nib is made of steel and is nail hard. There is no flex, but the iridium tip is especially smooth and starts right up, no skips.

It only comes in a medium nib, and writes a pretty true medium line.

Hand Fatigue

Stola III writes and writes without making your hand tired. I of course had to write with the cap off to the side since it doesn’t post, but it’s light weight and easy to handle.

stola iii on bookCap Fit

This is where the weakness of the pen is found. I like to write with the cap posted, or attached to the back of the pen. You may prefer leaving the cap on the table and if so, this portion of my review doesn’t matter to you.

The cap on Stola III will not post on the back without jamming it extra hard and then it still wiggles off as you write. The inner cap (a plastic insert designed to keep the ink from evaporating quickly by providing a more airtight seal,) is too small to fit the back of the pen so it just won’t work. Bummer.


The Stola III is medium weight for a lacquer fountain pen. I like the weight of this pen, a little more heft than a plastic pen, but not as much as a full-bodied brass one. The weight of this pen is perfect if you don’t post. The pen is a tad short for people with big hands as it fits perfectly in my hand without the cap on but were my hands a bit bigger, I might be frustrated. (I wear a medium women’s glove.)

Here’s where it REALLY shines. I put this pen through the wringer. To be honest, I worked it harder than I do most fountain pens because I was trying to find its Achilles heel so I could warn you about its weaknesses. I worked it SO HARD, in fact, that I lost it. Yep. I wrote this review, took all of the photos and promptly lost this pen. If there is a video attached, that means I finally found it and was able to record a video. I was taking this baby everywhere and I’m hoping it’s at work.


This fountain pen is easy to disassemble and clean. The long cartridge that it comes with will keep it stocked with ink for a long time. I love syringe filling my babies, and this cartridges will hold a lot of ink to make filling infrequent, which is a great design.

Overall Value of the Pelikan Stola III

Pelikan Stola III pulled apartThe Pelikan Stola III is appealing to most fountain pen users who would like a simple design with clean lines.  The almost wire-frame look of the clip lends it a more youthful appearance than grandaddy’s clipped pen, and this one is an everyday carry.

Stola III is comfortable, not too weighty, and the smooth nib makes it a pleasure to write with.

The one and only drawback I could find was that it doesn’t post which is a definite frustration of mine, I like to ride the cap on the back of the pen, but many feel the opposite and wouldn’t ever put the cap on the back.

That said, this is a reliable and smooth everyday fountain pen.

Get a price on the Pelikan Stola IIIat Amazon.