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Pilot fountain pens acquired Namiki, the blend of Japanese and American brands holds the Pilot-Namiki Falcon, a flex nib everyone is talking about

pilot Plumix dropped

Pilot Plumix Italic Review Cool on the Cheap

Do you want to discover how the Pilot Plumix, under $10, can make your writing look AMAZING? Good, then you’re in the right place. This little  will give you line variation and slow your writing down enough to really make your penmanship shine.        My Short Video: Pilot Plumix Italic Design The Pilot Plumix Italic has such […]

pilot kakuno vs metropolitan preppy and safari

Pilot Kakuno Review Fine Nib

The Pilot Kakuno is a lovely beginner fountain pen that comes in many different colored caps to encourage choosing your favorite color to compliment the black or white body. I love the transparent section, where you can see the feed working to supply the nib with ink as you write. This also makes it extremely […]

pilot falcon gift box

Namiki Pilot Falcon Soft-Fine Review

Namiki Pilot Falcon. I was so excited to review this pen because of all of the wonderful feedback I’ve heard about this pen. I don’t fully agree…

pilot penmanship cap and grip

Pilot Penmanship with Ergo Grip Review

Marketed toward students, the Pilot Penmanship with ergonomic grip is a great find if you love extra fine nibs. Such an unusual shape and the cap is almost comical. Check it out.


Pilot V Pen (Varsity) Review

Wonder what has everyone hot and heavy over the Pilot V Pen disposable fountain pen? This is EDC won’t break your budget, read the review of this starter…

pilot metropolitan pulled apart

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen Review

The Pilot Metropolitan is a cheap fountain pen and a great pen for entering the fountain pen fold. It’s available in quite a few different finishes with a band of dots, zig-zag or plain if you just want your pen to blend in. Great writer and excellent value.