Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Review

Curious about what makes the Platinum Preppy so popular among cheap fountain pens? Discover your answers here in this detailed review with photos, a writing sample and video!

  preppy 6

  • SMOOTH nib
  • Great Cheap Starter Pen
  • Posts Well
  • Demonstrator


  • warning label doesn’t peel off, cheapens look
  • Pull-Off Cap

My Short Video: 

preppy 3

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Design

At first glance this could easily be a cheap rollerball pen. lying on the table even with the clear body, it resembles many other cheap pens with clear bodies. But when you use it… oh when you use it. This is one FUN fountain pen at an unbelievably cheap price.


Steel Nib
Nib Width: 7mm
Nib Length: 14mm

Cartridge Fill
Pull Cap
Capped Length:135mm
Posted Length: 150mm
Uncapped Length: 120mm
Mid-Grip Width: 8mm
Cap Band Width:10mm

Total Weight: 12g
Cap Weight: 4g

preppy 4The Platinum Preppy is a fun demonstrator pen to look at. Who wouldn’t want to look at all of the mechanics inside? The springs, the cartridge, the ink flowing down through the ribs on the section, even looking through the cap at the plain steel nib!

The cap on the Platinum Preppy is clear plastic just like the body but had a nice, functional smoke-grey colored pen clip that is loose enough to grab onto a pocket without ripping out your seams. The cap also has a nice inner cap that seals tightly against the body of the pen to lockout air so your ink lasts longer without evaporating and leaving dried chunks in your nib.

One drawback in the design of this pen… the UGLY sticker that is molded into the plastic, it doesn’t peel off with a warning label. The warning label on this fountain pen literally says, “Do not use this pen other than for writing…”


Because I only bought it to empty it out and create a homemade tattoo gun. Why include that in a way that can’t be easily removed? I’m curious as to what lawsuit rendered this stupid label permanently affixed to the pen… what did someone do with this pen that created this stupid label? It’s the first I’ve seen on a fountain pen. I hope it’s the last.

I’m reviewing the 05 Medium Platinum Preppy fountain pen with a black cartridge included in the purchase.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

DSC_0080Well now, how would you expect a cheap fountain pen to perform? WELL FORGET THAT!

This pen is so smooth. I mean I’m incredibly impressed for such an inexpensive purchase. It writes so well, no hitches, catches, rough patches, no nothing but smooth-as-glass. I wrote on EVERYTHING with this pen.

Notebook paper, my Baron Fig journal, Clairefontaine paper, I mean everything. It’s just too tempting not to try it on everything, even receipts! This little wonder writes on everything, and writes well. There were no skips, no hard starts, no hitch-in-my-giddy-ups, nothing but smooth as silk writing. On anything. I mean, anything.

Now that’s not to say this is a flexy or soft nib that allows it to caress the page with each stroke, but it is to say this is one of the best cheap writers I’ve used. So far, in my battle of the budget pens article, this is pen #3 but it’s #1 thus far in my mind/heart. It is smoother than the others and flawlessly writes on absolutely anything.

It’s not a looker in my opinion, it looks like just another disposable fountain pen, but it writes like a much more expensive pen. I’ve used $50 fountain pens that don’t write this well!

It takes Platinum long cartridges and one comes included. I have so much bottled ink, I’m looking forward to syringe-filling this single cartridge for a while so I don’t feel so wasteful buying extra cartridges when I can use fun colors. This is truly an all-around, daily carry, you-wont-be-disappointed-ever pen. LOVE THIS PEN.

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

preppy 2

This pen is extraordinarily balanced. There’s no hand fatigue and it posts! You can write flawlessly for hours with the cap on the back with no issues and it friction fits on well, no sliding, no chattering, just ease of use. The cap is a pull on and off style, which is my favorite.

I like to write quickly and when the urge strikes. Sometimes a screw-off cap just feels like it slows me down. Not this baby, EASY!

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

Clearly, this is one of my favorite cheap fountain pens ever. It’s dirt-cheap, a run-of-the-mill look coupled with outstanding performance. This pen would make anyone happy that doesn’t need a “looker.” If you’re a lawyer looking to sign contracts with a fountain pen that impresses people, this is not your pen. It’s for the student, the office worker, the share-able back up fountain pen that you don’t care much about because it’s so cheap you’ll loan it to someone to try out.

I had a teacher write me asking about cheap fountain pens to have on his desk for kids to try out so they’d leave his expensive pen alone… ding, ding DING! This is that pen. It gives you the feel of a fountain pen for the price of an expensive ballpoint (around $10.)

You’ve spent more in Starbucks than you will in this pen and it will stay with you much longer. This is such a fun pen for the price. I’m really happy with it and you will be too.

Get the price of the Platinum Preppy fountain pen now on Amazon. What’s cool is this link will take you to the cheapest model (black,) but there are many colors you can click from there, that are only a couple of bucks more… red, pink, green, purple, blue… there’s a rainbow assortment there! Have FUN!