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Platinum fountain pens are a higher-end fountain pen and their demonstrators and #3776 model are on most people’s wish lists.

window of a plane

Flying with Fountain Pens

By: Paul Godden It’s a pleasure to share writing by like-minded people in the fountain pen community. Paul contacted me to suggest an article about flying with fountain pens, then offered to write it. You’ll learn a few takeaways he’s picked up over many flights with his beloved fountain pens; please share his wisdom with your social circles. […]


Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Review

Curious about what makes the Platinum Preppy so popular among cheap fountain pens? Here are my thoughts. I LOVE this pen and it’s less than $10. Awesome value!


Platinum 3776 Century Music Nib Review

The music nib is amazing. Now, you’ll have to LOVE a lot of ink to enjoy this bad boy. And I do mean A LOT. The extra slit and three tines means this is built to deliver ink to page as fast as possible so you can create those quarter-notes with a quickness. Oh yeah, […]

Platinum Nice Cap Slip and Seal

Platinum Nice Pur 3776 Demonstrator Review

This is one luscious fountain pen, and the demonstrator (clear body) has won me over. See both the Nice and the Nice Pur in detail. Sure, they won’t give you a tan as if you’re on the beach in France, but you’ll feel as close as possible with this naked pen.