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Platinum fountain pens are a higher-end fountain pen and their demonstrators and #3776 model are on most people’s wish lists.

window of a plane

Flying with Fountain Pens

By: Paul Godden It’s a pleasure to share writing by like-minded people in the fountain pen community. Paul contacted me to suggest an article about flying with fountain pens, then offered to write it. You’ll learn a few takeaways he’s picked up over many flights with his beloved fountain pens; please share his wisdom with your social circles. […]


Platinum 3776 Century Music Nib Review

The music nib is amazing. Now, you’ll have to LOVE a lot of ink to enjoy this bad boy. And I do mean A LOT. The extra slit and three tines means this is built to deliver ink to page as fast as possible so you can create those quarter-notes with a quickness. Oh yeah, […]