Jack Daniel’s Oak Barrel wood, handmade ballpoint pen


This pen started out as a block of wood from a Jack Daniel’s oak barrel, and was put onto a lathe and hand turned against a chisel until it’s the right width to best showcase the grain.

It is then sanded and sealed by hand. The satin color clip and pen parts are attached. This process is all done by hand, individually. The only machine involved is the 50-year-old lathe my husband uses to turn your new pen.

If you choose to buy one, feel great that you’re supporting small business (and my family.) Thank you for your support!

P.S. Because each pen is made to order, please expect two weeks for shipping. We only ship within the United States currently.  A certificate of authenticity for the Jack Daniel’s oak barrel is included as shown.


-Pen shown is representative of the pen you will receive. Each pen is unique and one-of-a-kind so the grain will vary.

Price includes shipping and tax within the United States.