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Maestro LG Uncapped

Xezo Maestro LeGrande Review

Special edition Xezo Maestro has a deep lacquer finish, almost resembling a Jolly Rancher in its translucent red. Rhodochrosite is the red mineral finish, the series is also available in Moldavite green, Dioptase blue and Tanzanite blue. I thought Red was fitting as I first received it for review in December, it’s festive for the […]

Pelikan M205 FB

Pelikan M205 Review- Blue Marble – Breathtaking

I’ve waited a long time to review Pelikan fountain pens; how can I open the review on the Pelikan Classic M205 Blue Marble? It is FANTASTIC! This Pelikan M205 fountain pen is one you have to see and use to feel yourself to understand, but I’m going to do my best to do my job […]

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Tango In Box

Waldmann Tango Review

Waldmann Tango is a beautiful, solid silver fountain pen with lightly pinstriped pattern extending from the end of the pen to almost the end of the cap. The look is classy, classic and clean. There’s even a rectangle box of flat silver to allow you to engrave the cap with a name if you so choose. […]


Diplomat Excellence Review

  Ah, the Diplomat Excellence is a beautiful pen from the Diplomat line. This baby has a huge nib that gives a smooth ride across the page.   My Short Video: Diplomat Excellence Fountain Pen Design Diplomat Excellence is a gorgeous writer with a simple, elegant look and feel. I like big nibs, and this one […]

laban checkered flag fountain pen

Laban Checkered Flag Review

Have you ever seen such a beautiful beast? Yes, I said BEAST because this pen is BIG. (It also comes in a slim version, hurray!) The woven Maple and Black Walnut strips are magnificent and the size of the pen really lets you see how beautifully done the inlay is. The checkered flag design is […]

maestro seashell on book

Xezo Maestro Natural Sea Shell Review

Are you ready to see a fountain pen that will blow your socks off? Seriously, how does a sea snail shell produce such a beautiful work of art? This gorgeous example of the (Abalone) will make you drool. Yep. DROOL.        My Short Video: Xezo Maestro Natural Sea Shell Design This pen is eye-catching. It’s […]


Kaweco Elite Fountain Pen Review

Kaweco Elite is one of the brand’s beefiest, higher-end fountain pen offerings. With an octagonal barrel & oversize smooth nib, let’s dive into the review

pilot falcon gift box

Namiki Pilot Falcon Soft-Fine Review

Namiki Pilot Falcon. I was so excited to review this pen because of all of the wonderful feedback I’ve heard about this pen. I don’t fully agree…


Kaweco Allrounder Fountain Pen Review

The satin blue anodized finish is gorgeous on the Kaweco Allrounder. If looks were everything, this pen is it… but looks aren’t everything… are they?


Lamy 2000 vs. Pilot Vanishing Point

Pilot VP and Lamy 2000 are iconic pens with excellent reputations in the fountain pen world. Ever wonder how the 2000 stacks up against the Vanishing Point? Here you’ll find your answer…