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Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver Review

Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver is one beauty of a pen! This is one of the more beautiful pens I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing… it’s a bigger than average pen, but not as large as some of the beefier fountain pens on the market. What is striking about it is the gold on silver […]

Laban Galileo in a Box

Laban Galileo Fountain Pen Review

  The Laban Galileo fountain pen has a beautiful black body covered in a dual overlay of copper toned and then silver toned gears to match the silver end cap and blind cap at both ends. What’s striking about the metalwork is the gears and silver constellation-like overlay against the black body of the pen. […]

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Xezo Maestro Black Mother of Pearl

Have you seen the finish on the Xezo Maestro Black Mother of Pearl fountain pen yet? This baby has browns, blacks and even a hit of gold in the MOP, amazingly beautiful finish.        My Short Video: Maestro Black Mother of Pearl Fountain Pen Design The Maestro Black Mother of Pearl  is one beautiful, yet […]


Montegrappa Parola Review

Montegrappa Parola a gorgeous fountain pen with an attractive fit and finish. Parola is an Italian translation for “word” and it writes them beautifully.

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Staedtler Initium Lignum Maple Review

The Staedtler Initium Lignum is a premium fountain pen with a classic design. Eye-catching maple wood, you can feel the elegance when you pick it up. Class.


2015 Year of the Goat Fountain Pen

You can’t help but be awed by the Year of the Goat when you lift the lid and see this beauty. So much to see in the detailing. Eye-catching. People will stand up and take notice!


Platinum 3776 Century Music Nib Review

The music nib is amazing. Now, you’ll have to LOVE a lot of ink to enjoy this bad boy. And I do mean A LOT. The extra slit and three tines means this is built to deliver ink to page as fast as possible so you can create those quarter-notes with a quickness. Oh yeah, […]


Waterman Carene Review

The Waterman Carene will pique your visual interest. When posted, the engraved triangles on the gunmetal cap balance the palladium-plated,18K gold inlaid nib in black on the other, and both sides are separated by a white resin body. This pen will please even highly discriminating people.

Sheaffer Valor in Box

Sheaffer Valor Fountain Pen Review

The Sheaffer Valor has such a stoic name, wondering if the pen stands up to it? This review makes you feel like you’ve held it in your hand, check it out

1911L Sailor with feather

Sailor 1911L Fountain Pen Review

The Sailor 1911L pen is large, with a large nib but doesn’t feel hefty. This is one of the smoothest nibs I’ve used, and it’s the Superman of fountain pens