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Lamy Vista Pulled Apart

Lamy Vista Review

Lamy Vista is basically the Safari but in a clear, demonstrator version. It’s hard not to love a demonstrator. If you’re into fountain pens, the thought of seeing some of the mechanics and watching your ink level easily is probably appealing to you. While I don’t love plastic pens, I am attracted to demonstrators. I […]

King Nib Set, everything in box

King Nib Fountain Pen Set Review

The King Nib fountain pen set comes in a nib shaped box that, at first glance, looks alarmingly like a coffin. You realize when you open it that there’s a great gift inside and I’m going to tell you all about it next.   My Short Video: King Nib Fountain Pen Design The checklist arouses […]

Bamboo Cap showing Grain

Dryden Designs Bamboo Fountain Pen Review

How does the Dryden Designs Bamboo Fountain Pen do with every day use? You’re about to find out. Dryden Designs calls this a luxury pen, this is definitely not a luxury fountain pen. It’s very hard for any pen to fit into the luxury fountain pen category at less than $30 retail and I will […]

pelikan stola iii w cap

Pelikan Stola III Fountain Pen Review

The Pelikan Stola III Fountain Pen is hard to provide a balanced review on because it’s a great pen. I used it for a week and let it beat around the bottom of my purse in between writing. I was able to find a few features that I think could be improved upon, but all […]

Diplomat pens together

Diplomat Magnum Soft Touch Review

The Diplomat Magnum is nice matte-body fountain pen that looks more expensive than it is. This one feels great, looks awesome and is a keeper!   My Short Video: Diplomat Magnum Fountain Pen Design I enjoy this pen, its shape tapers from one end to the other, and it has an unusually fat clip for […]

Traveller in gift box

Diplomat Traveller Fountain Pen Review

  Want a cheap fountain pen that feels more expensive than a plastic pen and writes really well? The Diplomat Traveller may just answer your call. Check out more on this pen…   My Short Video: Pilot V Pen (A.K.A. Varsity) Fountain Pen Design This is a well designed pen, with an interesting clip that […]

faber castell loom nib close up

Faber Castell Loom Review

The metallic look of the fountain pen is classy and elegant. The fine rings allow for better grip when writing with sweaty hands and it posts well (cap on the back) for long stretches of writing without hand fatigue. This is a looker AND a performer!        My Short Video: Faber Castell Loom […]