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waldmann adamas in box

Waldmann Adamas Fountain Pen Review

Let me introduce you to the Waldmann Adamas fountain pen.  This fountain pen is made of a solid sterling silver 925 tube with a fine barely pattern on the cap. The pen is a classic look and shape, tapering into a bulbous derby cap at the end of the cap that fastens the clip.   […]

waterman elegance in box

Waterman Elegance Ivory GT

The Waterman Elegance is a gorgeous wet writer. The ivory lacquer on this wide fountain pen is deep and feels like you’re looking into, not at, the finish. The floral motif is decidedly feminine but it also comes in black with lined engraving which is masculine.

parker duofold

Parker Duofold Centennial Review

Parker Duofold is one of the sexiest pens around $400. The Centennial is the larger cousin of the International. It’s a stout, wide pen that will seduce you


OMAS Milord Fountain Pen Review

OMAS Milord is one WET writer, but there aren’t many parallels to this writing experience. Have you fallen in love with a fountain pen yet? You will…

Montblanc Heritage on its cap

Montblanc Heritage 1912 Fountain Pen Review

Want to see the Montblanc Heritage 1912 Fountain Pen write? See it here first. Read the detailed review, tantalizing photos, mouthwatering video and the most detailed review you can hope for below. Pocket Size Retractable Nib Nib Smoothness Design Retractable Nib (Yes it’s both Pro & Con) Sky High Price My short video on Montblanc […]

Heritage 145

Tribute To Montblanc 145 Review

Looking for an expensive and gorgeous addition to your collection? The Meisterstuck tribute to Montblanc 145 review will help your decision

Grace Kelly Montblanc

Grace Kelly Montblanc Pen Review

Grace Kelly Montblanc is a tribute to the 1950’s silver screen legend, it echoes her nipped waist in royal purple resin, and is outfitted with a gorgeous feminine neckline. There were many silver screen legends of the fifties, Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Hayward, Audrey Hepburn and so many more. But do you what to discover how […]