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Xezo Architect Review

  The Xezo Architect Review, this is the third Xezo fountain pen I’ve reviewed recently. Although it’s still a great pen, it isn’t as comfortable to me as the other three pens.        My Short Video: Xezo Architect Review: Design   This is a wide pen, and I like wide pens. It has a […]


Xezo Incognito Fountain Pen Review

The Xezo Incognito fountain pen has a beautiful guilloche engraved finish, with several layers of translucent lacquer and is finished with manual polishing. This is one eye-catching pen.        My Short Video: Xezo Incognito Design Review The Xezo Incognito arouses feelings of status and romance when you look at the finish. The diamond-cut rows […]


Kaweco Liliput Review

The Kaweco Liliput is true to its name, a tiny, portable, lilliputian pen that fits easily in the palm of your hand. A well-balanced pocket pen for anyone.

Kaweco Skyline Sport

Kaweco Skyline Sport Mint Review

Kaweco Skyline Sport Mint fits in the palm of your hand & has the 8-sided cap typical of the Sport series pens. Fun, cheap, mint green.But there’s a hitch…

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Waterman Hemisphere Review

The Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe is a thin fountain pen. This Deluxe model comes with a beautiful chrome, wave-engraved cap that conceals fingerprints and its size makes it an easy pocket carry. Is it a poster? Find out…

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Sheaffer Taranis Review

Looking for a hooded nib and the Sheaffer Taranis piqued your interest? Learn more here with a look at everything about this beautiful fountain pen.


Sheaffer Prelude Review

The Sheaffer Prelude fountain pen is comfortable and balanced. Cigar-shaped and simple, traditional styling. Lacquer barrel, 11mm at it’s widest point.


Sheaffer Intensity Fountain Pen Review

Two twists to unscrew the cap, then you’ll find an hourglass-shaped grip section made of metal. Nib doesn’t have fancy engraving, it’s an appealing design,

sheaffer agio

Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pen Review

Sheaffer Agio Ah Sweet memories of the one that got away. Although it’s discontinued, you can still find new old-stock. Imagine a Prelude and a VFM getting together and spawning a love child. Agio ended up with the nicer nib and smaller size; the secret only Sheaffer knows is hidden in the section. Smooth, Wet […]