Top 10 Gift Ideas for Fountain Pen Lovers

You’re buying it for yourself, so that doesn’t make you any less thoughtful, right?
Just so you feel a little better, I found this list by surfing my favorite site, for an hour looking for things I’d like for myself in order to share with you today. 🙂

Okay, so the first one is really three. I’m laying out three photos so you can see the differences and make a decision on which one to buy for your, AHEM, friend.


This one holds 48 pens and has a divider between them for great pen storage if you don’t want to show them off in a display case with a glass lid. The sleeve between them keeps them from clanking together and chipping/scratching/marring the finish on your favorite beauties.

Have fewer pens but still want a nice case to store them out of view? This awesome find stores half the pens of the larger case above in a similar fashion. Out of sight and padded to protect your babies.

My least favorite of the three because it advertises that it holds 12 pens, which is fantastic, but it doesn’t show a divider or explain how to keep them from rubbing on one another when zippered closed. Don’t buy this one, just illustrating the differences for you.


Fewer pens, but love to take them all on your travels? What I like about this roll is it holds 6 pens in a roll and has a flap to keep your pens inside the roll and the dust and debris from inside your bag out of your pens. Love this.


There are a few things I love about this desktop pen stand. First, it has fully enclosed holes to encapsulate your pens. I don’t like the lean-to types of pen stands because God forbid your knee hits the desk (yes, I’m accident prone) and your pens topple over. I always choke when my pens fall, wondering what I’m jarring loose or thinking of the ink that has now exploded into the cap.


I’ve wanted this bad boy for a couple of years now and still haven’t pulled the trigger because it’s one of the pricier items on this list. Here’s how I envision using this… the smell of real leather wafts up when you unwrap the belt around it and open it to your page. Your pen dances across the page as you notice the rugged cut of the cover, no tailoring here, this is rugged leather and feels like something you’ll need to record your most valuable thoughts in because it’s so luxurious. Romanticizing? Maybe. But this is a keepsake and great for recording the best year of your life. And ensuring that’s exactly what you have by leveling up your life so you can record it!


If the leather wrapped journal is a little much for you, get a set of these for yourself. You’ll have the most luxurious paper in simple notebook form in various sizes to carry with you wherever you travel! I LOVE this set!


My soul cried a little when I saw these. Tears of joy of course, but still a moving testament to the power of photographs. My mom once asked me if I’d noticed that all of the art I buy for my walls is isolationist. If I’d noticed that’s it’s always a singular figure, or lonely landscape and never two people together or a party. No, I hadn’t, but that’s precisely why these speak to me. You could easily be there, looking at this landscape and who wouldn’t want to write on these and send to friends to move them too?


Okay, I used to want a wax seal kit until a reader told me that the post office charges extra to mail these because the wax messes up the machine sorting of mail. I haven’t verified this, but it does make sense. Wax sealing is more for the experience, you can get a similar look with less work with an embosser of your own and that’s exactly why I want one.


Looking for a gift for your lady love? What says love better than this? I love the bottle even though it’s not practical. Yes the mouth of the bottle doesn’t look like it’d fit a fountain pen nib to dip and fill, but sometimes you just want a gift with sentiment and to get her excited about fountain pens. Fountain pen? check. Ink in a heart shaped bottle? Check. A lovely journal to capture her thoughts? Check. This is the set that reminds her of your love.


Heart bottle, journal and pen not it for your lady? Maybe she doesn’t like pink journals. Well then my assembly of lavender loves for your lady might just fit the bill. I wouldn’t suggest engraving a high dollar fountain pen to preserve its value, but why not have a little fun engraving a bright purple Metropolitan with her name? It’s less than $20 and such a PERFECT gift to show how thoughtful you are. If she doesn’t like fountain pens, you can get her the lavender fields card set and this cross gel pen. I actually own it and it’s awesome. you push and pull it to open and close it so it tosses in a bag nicely. Great pen for anyone that doesn’t enjoy fountain pens. I know. They’re out there and it’s scary.


I saved this for last. Who doesn’t want a display case they can be proud of? Love the glass top, room for 26 pens… this is a GREAT gift for yourself. I mean… anyone with five fountain pens or more because once you’ve crossed the five mark, your collection usually continues to grow. If you can stop before five, you may not have them in your blood just just yet.

Hope you enjoyed my wish list, I mean list of gift ideas for fountain pen lovers and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Jennifer at Best Fountain Pen.