Top 5 Fountain Pens By Price


Top 5 Disposable

These are all scrappy little guys, while hardly serious contenders for a world-class title of best fountain pen in the world, these are lovable pens. They can be scratchy if you don’t get a decent brand as the disposables are meant to be tossed when you’re through. There are a few decent fountain pens on this list that are not disposable, but they didn’t write as well as the disposables at this price.

Top 5 Best Fountain Pens Under $50

Why buy a cheap fountain pen under $50? Well, everyone needs an entry level pen to make sure they enjoy writing with one and cleaning and filling it regularly. Which one to choose to ensure you have a great experience? This comparison chart will show you…

Top 5 Best Fountain Pens $50 – $99

What makes pens at $75 or $100 better than a pen under $50? This is the price range where you graduate into fountain pens compatible with piston converters. This means BOTTLE FEEDING your pen! You get to enjoy the choice of using cartridges or a converter and when you use converters, the entire spectrum of bottled ink colors opens up to you!

Top 5 Best Fountain Pens $100 – $199

Why spend $100 – $200? This price range is where you start venturing into solid gold nibs! There is no substitute for the feeling of a gold nib. Steel nibs are nail hard without any give as you write (unless they’re engineered specifically to be flex or semi-flex nibs) but gold is naturally pliable and there’s nothing like a fantastic solid gold nib for richness of feeling.

Top 3 Best Fountain Pens $200 – $299

$200 – $300 is a price point that includes many people’s favorite fountain pens. I ran a survey of my readers and most people’s favorite fountain pen was between $200 – $400. This is where nibs get SMOOTH as glass, gold and precious metals, and the pens just generally rock. Well, at least these three do. Why three? I haven’t reviewed as many in this range. I left off the losers.

Top 5 Best Fountain Pens $300 – $399

Ohhhhh. So you’re ready to give yourself a collector’s item gift huh? Well, these greats are in a league of their own. At the higher end of this price point you start venturing into piston-fill pens and hand-assembly by manufacturers. This is where the big boys play, and you have to pay to play right?

Top 5 Best Fountain Pens $400+

Oh my how I love your budget. These are heirloom pens meant to savor and stun your friends and family. Whew, these are beauties most people cannot afford. But you can, so treat yourself. What’s the use of buying yourself a “grail” pen if you don’t enjoy using it? You will LOVE these…