Tribute:Pantone Color of the Year 2018 in 8 Pens

Today’s post takes inspiration from the announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year for 2018: Ultra Violet. How can you not LOVE this shade of violet? It’s beautiful and although I have no plans to paint my walls this hue, I can certainly see painting the town purple with a new Ultra Violet fountain pen and matching ink!Pantone Color of the Year

I first saw the post about the Ultra Violet over at Inkophile and was inspired to find some fountain pens in that color because as I’ve written about here, purple inks tend to be a favorite purchase from my readers, so why not buy a purple fountain pen to match?

This beautiful shade of violet let me to think about a few fountain pens I’ve seen in a purple/violet shade and I’m inspired to share them with you below. Links to each pen are below the info-graphic for your ease of use. I’ve got to say, based on finish alone, the True Writer has got to be my favorite, that’s gorgeous.

Purple Fountain Pen Picks

  1. Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop is a great choice, it combines reliability with our color inspiration of the year! I reviewed the Pilot Metropolitan here.
  2. True Writer Royal is a gorgeous example of a violet fountain pen that will surely garner lots of compliments.
  3. Cross Beverly Deep Purple in another stunner.
  4. Pilot Plumix is another one I’ve reviewed. With its unusual cap designed to keep it from rolling off the desk, it’s a fun fountain pen to explore a wilder color collection.
  5. Monteverde Prima is an eye catching violet swirl. Drool-worthy.
  6. Pilot Vanishing Point is a little lighter than the Pantone color of the year, but its a gorgeous lavender-violet for anyone wanting to find a purple fountain pen.
  7. Cross ATX is a beautiful example of understated beauty with an eye for cap detail, love the look.
  8. Sheaffer Gloss has a cool dotted explosion pattern around the barrel.

P.S. If you pick up one of these beauties, don’t forget to grab matching violet ink!