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Noodlers Fountain Pen Reviews

Noodlers Fountain Pen reviews and prices, click on one of the pens below for an in-depth look at each pen before you buy! Noodlers Ahab Price Range: $ The Noodlers Ahab Flex fountain pen is a whale of a pen. It’s pretty big and pretty cheap. If the plastic didn’t have a funky smell, it […]

Jinhao Fountain Pen Reviews

Jinhao Fountain Pen Reviews and Prices Jinhao 500 Mother of Pearl Price Range: $10 The Jinhao 500 is a great looking pen for a cheap price. The cap is too heavy to post for long periods of writing, but otherwise a good value for someone looking for a classy look at less than ten bucks. Jinhao 159 Price […]

Waterman Fountain Pens –  Reviews and Thoughts

Ah so much history surrounds Waterman fountain pens. Much of it rumored, some of it the stories of legends. L.E. Waterman & Co. was founded in 1883 and his first patent on pens was issued in 1884 for the feed mechanism. L.E. Waterman died in 1901 and a story later surfaced about him lending a potential customer a […]

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Top 5 Fountain Pens By Price

Top 5 Disposable These are all scrappy little guys, while hardly serious contenders for a world-class title of best fountain pen in the world, these are lovable pens. They can be scratchy if you don’t get a decent brand as the disposables are meant to be tossed when you’re through. There are a few decent […]